Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Logo!

Hi Friends,
Well Thanks to my Very Awesome Friend Vdecepticon he made me a Very Nice New Logo for my Reviews and V-Logs!   So Here it is and I got to say I love it:

Well with the 2 Year Anniversary of me doing Reviews is on the way it is time to do some Changes.  The New Logo is one.  Also if you seen this Review yet you will notice no Wires and No Surge Protector so check here:  I will Talk about in my Next V-Log on what I planned to do for the 2 Year Anniversary of me doing Reviews so keep an Eye out I am Currently waiting for Go-Busters Ranger Keys Set 2 to come to me from CS Toys.   So Alot of good stuff coming and in the Second Part of my V-Log you will see a little Change.    So I am Very Excited about this and don't forget I do have S.H. Figuarts DekaRed which is something else I can wait to get.    So That is it keep an eye out on my Next V-Log and you will see this new Logo.  Thanks Vdecepticon for the New Logo and your Awesome work on it!!  Ya'll have a good one.


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