Items for Sale!

Hi Friends,

This is a Little Page mainly for my Items that I have for sale and I refuse to go on ebay.  So I will include a Picture, A Description, and a Price on how much I want them for.     Please come back I will be adding more Items as Time goes By.  Ignore the Numbers in the Pictures they were used for my Sales thread on Rangerboard.


You MUST pay for Shipping, Paypal Only and I want to have a Fast and Easy Transaction.

If you see an Item you are Interested Please contact me and make sure you Include a Country or if your in the States a Zip code. So Prices do Not Include Shipping I would need a Zipcode to determine the Full Total of your purchase.

Here are my Shipping Methods:

Shipping Methods

I Can go to the Post Office Monday's-Fridays Only to ship items!

For U.S. Buyers: I will ship Item/Items VIA Standard Mail or Priority w/ Tracking # & Insurance. I will Mostly give you a Choice if you want one of them or I might go with the Cheapest which is Standard but takes a little Longer then Priority. But Depending of the Size of the Item/Items it'll be Costly be warn of that.

For International Buyers: I will Ship Item/Items on First Class Mail it is a Slow Method and Shipping anything with this Mehtod is expensive so please to Expect to pay alot on Shipping.  Now you can Pick Express Mail but I will Warn you Shipping on it will be Very Higher then First Class.  I will Point out anything shipping to International will be very Pricey.   But I will also say if you don't have your Item/Items a week or 2 that it was ship please contact me asap and I will work on Refunds and check with the Post Office to see where it is at.   I had a Issue one time where a Item never Made it and it came back to me 3 months after it was shipped.  So I don't want to screw anyone with their Money.  So Just so you Internationals are aware of. But Depending of the Size of the Item/Items it'll be Costly be warn of that.

My Email is so feel free to email me.


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  1. Do u still have protoman and roll pls answer ASAP

    1. Nope sold Roll a Year ago and sold Protoman on ebay not too long ago!

    2. Do u have any megaman stuff?

    3. I have but they are not for sale mainly for my Personal Collection!