Monday, October 31, 2011

The Blog has hit 2 Months Old and 1,000 Views!

Hi Friends,
Well it is October 31, 2011 and the Blog has hit 2 Months old. Also the Blog has hit 1,000 Views already wow Thank you guys and continue to support me and my Channel! V-Log coming soon and more exciting news in it.


Friday, October 28, 2011

More D-Arts Rockman Figures coming!!

Thanks to a Very Valuable Source I have, it appears we are going to have another D-Arts Figure coming here's a Picture of the Molding of our soon to come Figure:

You'll be surprise on what's coming! This is making me Very Excited! Yah!!


Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Review Up!

Okay Friends as Promise the Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Review is up so here you go:

Enjoy and I got more news coming to all you Mega Man Fans!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pictures of the D-Arts Figures & Kotobukiya Models of my Rockman Collection are now up in the Photo Gallery!

That's Right Friends I have finally had the Chance to take some Photos of my D-Arts Figures and Kotobukiya Models of my Rockman Collection so check them out in the Photo Gallery so enjoy I will annouce this on the Channel. Enjoy and Thanks for Stopping by!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picture of my Rockman Zero Haul!

Well I finally got a Picture of the Box of the Kotobukiya Rockman/Megaman Zero Full Action Model Kit so this is going in my Photo Gallery:

Oh the Date on the Review for that Model has Change and I will have the Review up on Friday.


My 200th Video on youtube is up!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night Friends,

As Promise today is the day but I am proud to bring you my 200th Video on youtube:

Enjoy the Fun on this 26 Minute Video and Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi Friends,

So we are Finally here it is time to Announce that my 200th Video on youtube will be up on Wednesday October 26, 2011. Yes Yes Friends we are almost to my 200th and we need to Celebrate. I have done 147 Reviews, 23 V-Logs, 20 V2 Reviews, 6 Message Videos, and 3 Comparsion Videos on youtube so making it 199 Videos of everything I have done. I would've been pass 200th if it wasn't for the Deletion of the reviews but it's the past and I have moved on.

So the Video has already been recorded I did it Yesterday and I had fun doing it. I had to be a little crazy myself in it. The Video will be on my everything that was my First (V-Log, Video, Review) then I will go into our Current Toku and then and Few shout out to a Few Friends especially one Person for sure that got me into reviewing.

So Mark your Calendars and make sure you stop by my youtube Channel Wednesday the 26th to see my 200th Video it's going to be full of Laughter the way I look and the way I talk but I'll let you the Audience decide on that.

So Take Care and I'll see you Wednesday.


1 More Away from my 200th Video!

Hi Friends,

Well my Kotobukiya Rockman Zero came in today and here's the V-Log:

I have updated the Schedule on when I'll put the review up. Enjoy and here's another update!


Yah 500 Subscribers!

Hi Friends,

It's time to update my Blog first here's my V-Log on me hitting 500 Subscribers. Thank you all for Subscribing to me and my Subscribing Rate is still Rising:

Thanks Again and now to the next update.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

V-Log and September/October Haul Picture

Hi Friends,

Well My Stuff came in and V-Log is up:

Also here's a Picture of my Haul:

Enjoy and Reviews will be up soon.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

D-Arts Rockman X FULL ARMOR Version Action Figure Review Up!

Okay Friends,

Here we are the review that all you Mega Fans have been waiting for enjoy!

I will be working on Pictures for the Blog of my D-Arts Figures that I have now so I'll be in touch when they are up b/c some of the Poses I didn't do on the Reviews I will get pictures to capture what I missed out.

Ya'll Take Care and enjoy and more Reviews to come.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Come & Get me Mavelous I have my X-Buster Ready for you!

Hi Friends,

Yes my Last Package for this V-Log came in and so here's the V-Log:

I will work on a Picture of my Haul soon be on the Look out and I will be working on Pictures of the D-Arts Rockman Figures that I have now.

I have fix my Review Schdule and D-Arts Rockman X Full Armor Version will be Recorded and up on the Channel tomorrow so be ready for it all you Mega Man Fans.

More updates to come!


Friday, October 7, 2011

"Toys Release Schedule" Added and more Stuff is coming!

Hi Friends,
Well Ranger Keys Set 06 and 07 are on the way and should be here anyday now. V-Log will be up as soon as they arrive. But I preorder Ranger Keys Set SP and then (Thanks to my Friend Jedimon2005) I was able to Preorder the Ranger Keys Set DX and got the Notice today they are Ready and I have already Paid for. So Be Ready for another V-Log.

Just so you guys I have added a Toy Release Schedule on the Kamen Rider, Sentai and Rockman/Megaman Toys. Thanks to Shuki for letting me Copy them and have them on my Blog so that it'll help me and you guys in the Future. I will update it when Shuki updates it on RRR. For Now I have all the Release Schedule for October and once the Month Changes I will update it. I hope the Toy Release Schedule is a Big help to you guys so mark your calendars when you see my Toys Release Schedule.

Well That's it and I will let you guys know when my Stuff and all comes in.

Take Care,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Yah Finally Snagged them!

Hi Friends,
Yes as the title saz I have finally Snagged RKS 06 & 07 from AmiAmi at 5:00AM here in the US CST in the Morning. Well if they make it by the end of this week the V-Log will be up Either Saturday are Sunday. I'll Pay for them whenever I get a Message from AmiAmi. By the look of things I'll be recording everything next week. So I will keep you guys Posted on my Channel and here.

More to come...


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog has hit a Month Old Already!

Hi Friends,
Well after going pass 500 Page Views it has already been a Month since I activated the Blog. So it is Amazing on how things has been going for me even if I've taking Breaks from Reviewing on and off.

So Anyway to Busniess, It Appears I need to hold back on Buying stuff (Hopefully not for long). Not Only do I have Items to buys but Bills also to pay for. So Give it time I will be back on buying crap.

I still need to find a Place to Snag RKS 06 and 07 whenever they go back in stock. I am watching AmiAmi and Mandrake if they stock up on them. I made a Preorder on the Ranger Keys Set SP from AmiAmi and the looks of it they'll be here soon so keep an eye out for updates.

Well That is it, Thank you Friends for all your support and checking out my Blog and hopefully my next Post will be on Reviews.

Take Care,