Monday, June 11, 2012

DVD Discussions Episode 1: Hyakujyuu Sentai Gaoranger

Hi Friends,
Well the Very First Episode of DVD Discussions has been put up on the Channel Today.  Well I started the Episode Explaining what you will see in the Next 5 Episodes of DVD Discussions.  So I decided to show off my Sentai Hong Kong DVD Collection.

So In Each Episodes of DVD Discussions I will do a Brief Summary and Talk about the Quantity, the Subtitles, The Nice Menus and so on.  Then I will show off the Boxsets that the DVD's come out of and their nice artwork. So at the end of the Episode I will give you my Thoughts on the Series and so on.

Episode 1 Covered the Series Hyakujyuu Sentai Gaoranger. Gaoranger is a Awesome Sentai watching the Boxsets was my First Time watching Gaoranger and I had a Second Chance to see it with Better Subs from another Fansub group. I do Recommand watching the series I'll never pass judgement and tell a Person to not watch it go ahead you'll never regret it.  Gaoranger had 51 Fantasic Episodes, Aired in 2001 and end in 2002, and was our 25th sentai of the Series and it was A.K.A. The 25th Anniversary Sentai they were in 3 Movies and One Special.   The Subs on the DVD's are in Chinese and English and it plays in Full Screen Format.  I had fun doing this Episode and Hope you all enjoy it. Mainly since It was my First Episode it was a 12 minute Episode.   Episode 2 will be a Little shorter and it will focus on Hurricaneger also in Episode 2 I will do an add-on that I didn't do in this Episode.

Here is the Link to Episode 1 of DVD Discussions and Please feel free to check it out and comment:

In the Future I will Judge by the Views on the Episodes and if they do good their might be an Episode 7 but it's only up to you my friends.

The Plan for Now is just do 6 Episodes and Take it from there.  Well That is it on Episode 1 and please keep an eye out for Episode 2 which might be up Wednesday or Friday but keep an eye out I am not sure when I plan to put 2 up yet so enjoy Episode 1 and Ya'll Take Care!


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