Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Model Kit set to hit Japan October 17, 2011

Hi Friends,

Well here's some Info on the Kotobukiya Zero Model please click on this link for more info: so Remember the Date is October 17, 2011 is when it'll hit Japan. I have already made my Preorder on him as he will be part of my October Haul. So Go to AmiAmi their Link is on my Blog at the top.

Well I am currently waiting for some stuff to come to me before a V-Log will be up. I am waiting for someone to restock on Ranger Keys 06 & 07 and once I get those I will have the V-Log up and hopefully I will be recording on all of those. So the V-Log will be in Parts due to different stuff coming to me on different Days.

So Anyway, Please check out that link on the Kotobukiya Zero Model Kit and I hope you get yours and I'll be back with more Updates on my September/Part of October Hauls.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ninjor Review Up!

Hi Friends,
I am back again today and I have finally got the Ninjor Review Recorded and uploaded on the Channel so Please check it out and enjoy:


Blog Hits 500 Views Already!

Hi Friends,
Well I am enjoying my time away from Recording and Uploading Reviews on Youtube. I will be back soon b/c I have Snagged Ranger Keys Set 08 from AmiAmi. Just to let you know all you Rockman Megaman Fans that the D-Arts Rockman X Full Armor will be Release in Japan on Friday so I had him on Preorder for a While on AmiAmi. So A V-Log will be coming I might be doing it in Parts. Oh and My Background when I do my V-Log will be Different so be prepared for that. Also I am waiting for AmiAmi to Restock on Ranger Keys 06 & 07 so I can snag them so when I do that I will add that in the V-Log. Next Month I might be Able to Snag GoJyuJin we'll have to see how things go for me in Money and I got the Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Model, also Engine MachFalcon too but we'll see.

But in Other News, The Blog has hit 500 Views and it's not even a Month old Yet. That's Awesome Thanks Guys for Checking this Blog out and my Channel. August 31, 2011 I activated it and I have added alot of stuff but the Blog is still in the Works as I want to Improve it and my Reviews.

The Future of the Blog and Channel will keep Changing so keep checking everything out and Thanks for your Support!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lots of Pictures in Photo Gallery!

Hi Friends,
Well now that the Reviews have slow down a Bit for me I have decided to work on my Blog as well as my Photo Gallery and so now I have alot of Pictures of my Collection in Time more will be Added. Feel Free to comment the Comments are Activated and I will Activate my Comments in the other Two sections. So Check out the Photo Gallery and I will leave a Message on the Channel.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good New!

Hi Friends,

Well today I was taking Pictures of my Power Ranger Zords and found something I have never Reviewed before and I have never reviewed Ninjor yep that's right so when do I plan to review him I don't know I am taking a Little Break from Reviewing stuff so it'll be a while.

For the Next Week are two I will be adding Pictures of my Collection in my Photo Gallery this is everything that I have and I am working on taking more so just one day at a Time. So the Pictures I have already is a Start but more is coming.

I'll see whatelse I can work on the Blog and what more I can add. So that's it for now. Enjoy the Reviews I have now and keep an eye out on Updates.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Furaimaru Review is Up!

Hi Friends,
Well the Review we all have been waiting for so please enjoy:

So I am going on a Little Break and focus more on my Blog so enjoy the reviews and keep an eye out for updates.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Gallery Added

Hi Friend,

I have added a Photo Gallery of the Hauls I recieve but I will be getting more Pictures during the weekend. So it's in my "More Info" Section so enjoy! More is coming in that Section.


Rockman X Megaman X Zero & Black Zero Review Up!

Hi Friends,
This Review is for all you Zero Fans enjoy:

Review: Rockman X Megaman X Zero & Black Zero

Tomorrow is the Furaimaru Review so I hope you guys are getting ready for it. I finish Recording the Rest of it today so it'll be up tomorrow. Also don't forget I will take a Little Break from Uploading and Recording anything for a while after the Furaimaru Review so enjoy what's to come tomorrow and I will continue to update the Blog.

Take Care and I'll be in touch,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Updates on Blog and Reviews are up!

Hi Friends,

Haven't did a post since Monday but anyway Today and Yesterday I have Posted 3 Reviews on the Channel.

Here are the Two that are Remakes from the Deletion that were put on the Channel Yesterday:

Here's another one that has never been done are was never on the Channel before and it was Posted today:

Okay he's some News I have Recorded Part of the Furaimaru Review Yesterday and I have a Couple of Parts I need to wrap on that Review tomorrow. Also the Furaimaru Review is scheduled to be up on the Channel Saturday September 10, 2011 and it's already in my schedule plan on the Blog.

So The Schedule has been updated and after the Furaimaru Review I will take a Little Brake from Uploading and Reviewing.

Hopefully I'll Luck out Snagging the Ranger Keys Sets 06, 07 and 08 not sure from who it'll Problably be from AmiAmi.

I have been on Mandrake and they have some really good deals on some GoJyuJin's and I am not sure when I'll get him but it might be Mandrake a Place to get mine. But Also please Remember I have Preordered the D-Arts Full Armor X from AmiAmi so we are looking at the end of this Month.

I still have Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon to get for my Geki Mecha Collection I can't wait to get them so I can Review them and SaiDaiOh.

The Gingabrace I'll have to wait on that are I might not get it at all. I still want the Hyper Shinken Red Sentai Hero Vinyl Figure.

But I am working real hard for the New stuff to get like the Ranger Keys, GoJyuJin and the D-Arts Full Armor X. I also need to Preorder Kotobukiya Zero Model Kit that is coming out next Month.

Well That is it I will add a Little Preorder and my wanted List under my Review Schedule. So Enjoy the Reviews that are up now and I will be back tomorrow and Saturday with my other Two Reviews.

Take Care and Enjoy my Reviews and Channel.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Updated the Schedule and Redoing Two Reviews that were Deleted during the Deletion back in May!

Hi Friend,
Just letting you know that the Schedule has been updated and I have made Plans to redo two Reviews that were deleted back in may. For all you sentai Fans, Furaimaru will be up on the Channel Sunday so I'll be in touch on updates.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

D-Arts Rockman X Zero (1st Ver.) Action Figure Review Up!

Hi Friends,

Well I mention earlier that I might record today well I was able to Record the D-Arts Zero and the Review is up on the Channel:

Check it out here:

I have Change the Schedule and so Far Furaimaru is all I have up b/c I am not sure my next Plan for reviews. So I will try tomorrow on a Monday to record if not I'll have to change again.So Enjoy this Review and the Review List has been updated.


New Section Added in the "Page" Section!

Hi Friends,

I spent most of Yesterday and the rest of today working on this but I have made a "My Story!" in the "Page"Section and what it is a Story on How I got into Super Sentai/Kamen Rider and how I met some Amazing friends while doing this. Looks Like I might not being doing any recording today I hope I can at least try tomorrow but we'll see. So Check out that section I know there's alot of reading involved here I'll edit it more in the future. But Enjoy and I'll keep you guys Posted on the Recording Status.


Friday, September 2, 2011

My End of the Month Haul Came in!

Here's what came in the Mail Wednesday:

GokaiMachine Series 04 Furaimaru (AmiAmi)
D-Arts Rockman X Zero Action Figure (AmiAmi)

I don't know why this was deleted when I post it Two Days ago all well enjoy!


Blog Updates!

Hello Friends,

Well got the Kinks worked out but I have fixed the Layout, Added Links to different websites, Took the Review Schedule out of the "Pages" Section and put the Review schedule on the side underneath the Blog Viewcounts, Added a Few Friends Blogs. So The Blog has went through a Makeover and I will continue to work on it. I also left a Link to my Youtube Channel on top of the Blog. So enjoy and Please Feel Free to comment do all that fun stuff.


Comments is Enabled!

One More thing Feel Free to comment b/c the Comments are enabled. So Go Right Ahead.


Changing Plans for Recording!

Hello Friends,

Well there has been some Changes to my Schedule for Reviews I have skipped Recording today and I have went ahead and updates Next Weeks Schedule. Just so you know I am not sure when I'll record again due to a Tropical Storm that's about to hit the South so I will be delayed b/c of that. Check out my Review Schedule for Updates.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

What? An Unexpected Review?

Hello Friend,
Well I have Posted an Unexpected Review today so Please enjoy and you'll find out what it is.