Sunday, April 29, 2012

Redoing Gokai Red SHF Review!

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It's time to Pick you up to Speed on things.  I just got Finish putting up Gokai Green and Gokai Blue SHF Reviews.  My Gokai Yellow SHF is on the way from Mandarake.  But Anyway, Been doing some thinking and thought about somethings and watched my Gokai Red SHF Review and I am not Happy with it due to the Length it was and the errors I made in the review and Title so I am going to Redo it over and make the same Plan I did in the Gokai Blue and Green SHF Reviews.  I had this Planned after I got Gokai Silver SHF Review up but dropped the Planned until now.   So if you are a Fan of my Reviews please let everyone know so I won't be hearing "Didn't you did this review already?" yes I know but this is for my Corrections but my Newer Version will be better b/c I have the plan set and my new turntable (Which I am very Proud of).  Also getting back to Gokai Yellow SHF I won't review her until I get Gokai Pink so be Patience b/c Gokai Pink has the Wired Gokai Saber and Gokai Yellow only comes with one and I want to have fun in Gokai Yellow's Review with Both Wired Gokai Sabers.    Okay That's everything keep an eye out on the 2nd Version of the Gokai Red SHF Review it will be better then the 1st and Please look forward to that.   I'll be in touch and Take Care.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Another April Haul

Thanks goes to Mandarake for Gokai Green & Darin
Thanks goes to HLJ for the Turntable , Gokai Blue & Darin

Well I have Paid for the Gokai Yellow SHF but I believe she'll get here in early May due to it being out on Registered SAL now it may get here before april ends it's depends on the Mandarake's SAL. So keep any Eye out on my Tweats. So That's it and enjoy my V-Log:

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

End of March into Early April Haul

Hi Friends,
Here is a Picture of my end of March early April Haul:

S.H. Figuarts Gokai Silver (Thanks to AmiAmi)
Just Made an Order and Paid today from Mandarake a Gokai Green w/ Gokai Darin SHF so keep an eye out for my next V-Log on it. Also Maybe by the end of this Month I can Finally get Machalcon with my B-Day Money and complete my Gokaiger Mecha Collection.

Well That's it Review of Gokai Silver is coming up today so keep an eye out.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Super Sentai Look up Mode Translations.

Hi Friends,
Here is the Translations List of the Super Sentai Lookup Mode all the Credit goes to GenericJD for all his hardwork and his help to me has been very much appreaited it. So if you plan to use this please credit him for this.

Here is my Review on this Mode:

0000 - Super Sentai Shiraberu Moodo!
Super Sentai Examine (Investigation) Mode!

Goranger-The First Super Sentai, who fight the Black Cross Army.
JAKQ - Cyborg Warriors made by the ISSIS.
Battle Fever - Warriors who Fight using the world's Dances
Denjiman - Warriors who fight using Planet Denji's science.
Sun Vulcan - Warriors who fight with the Power of the Sky, Sea, and Land.
Goggle V - Warriors who fight using rhythmic gymnastics.
Dynaman - Young Scientists who fight against evil.
Bioman - Warriorswho fight with Bodies brimming with bio particles.
Changeman - Warriors who fight with the Power of legendary beasts.
Flashman - Warriors who fight with the Power of the Prism.
Maskman - Warriors who transform and fight using Aura Power.
Liveman- Warrior who fight using weapons made by science.
Turboranger - High School Students Chosen as warriors to protect the earth.
Fiveman - All Five are Teachers in School and Siblings.
Jetman - Warriors who fight using Birdonice Waves.
Zyuranger - Warriors who fight alongside Guardian Beast.
Dragonranger - The Brother of the Tyranno Ranger.
Dairanger - Warriors wgo Transformed using chi Power.
Kakuranger - Decedents of Ninjas who Fight Using ninpo Power.
Ohranger - Warriors who fight using the Super Power of an Ancient Civilization.
Carranger - Warriors who Transform and Fight Using Carmagic Power.
Megaranger - Warriors who protect the Earth from the Invasion of Nejire Beasts.
Gingaman - Legendary Warriors who Fight with the Power of Earth.
GoGo V - The Rescue Team who Fights the Calamity Demon Clan.
Timeranger - Warriors who Fight against enemies who fled from the future.
Gaoranger - Warriors who fight alongside Power Animals.
Hurricaneger - Warriors who Fight with Ninjutsu and Science combined, Chou-Ninpo.
Goraiger - Warriors who fight with Jinrai-Style Ninpo.
Shurikenger - The ultimate ninja Mastered Hayate-Style and Ikazuchi-Style Ninpo.
Abaranger - Warriors who fight alongside Bakuryuu using Dino Guts.
Dekaranger - Space Police Detectives who Fight Space Criminals.
Magiranger - Siblings who fight using the Power of Magic.
Boukenger - Adventurers who fight to protect Precious.
Gekiranger - Warriors who Fight using Geki Jyuken.
Go-Onger - Warriors who fight alongside engines against polluting enemies.
Go-On Wings - Siblings Fight alongside Go-Onger
Shinkenger - Samurai who Fight using Mojikara and Origami.
Goseiger - Gosei Angels who fight using Tensou Techniques.
Gosei Knight - The Warrior who awakened from 10,000 year sleep to fight alongside Goseiger.
Gokaiger - Space Pirates who fight the Space Empire Zangyack.
Go-Busters - New Heroes who fight alongside Buddyroids.
AkaRed - The Mysterious warriors who inherits the soul of red.

That is it on all the Translations of the Legend Mobirates and I hope this Helps out in the future. So ya'll take Care.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Go-Busters Ranger Keys Set and Translations from the Original Mobirates!

Hi Friends,
Thanks to my Good Friend ShukuenShinobi for the Help with the Translations of the Go-Busters Keys when you use the Original Mobirates so here's what they are saying:

"Minna Ega Kawa Ikou"

"Everyone, Let's Go to the Movies (Threaters)"

So the Saying for the Legend Mobirates are:


"Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters"

So that's all and please check out my Review on the Keys as I do have the Translations in the Annotations. Here's the Link:

I have Updated the Review Schedule and the SHF GokaiSilver will be up next week so keep an eye out.

So that's everything of the Translations to the Legend Mobirates and I hope this all helps out my Reviews will be popping up following the schedule.

So That's it ya'll have a Good one and Take Care.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Legend Mobirates Translations

Hi Friends,
The Legend Mobirates Review is up and here it is:

I have 3 More Reviews with the Legend Mobirates coming and I have up dated the Schedule so keep an eye out.

So here is all the Translations that came off the Legend Mobirates a Big Thank you to Shuki and GenericJD for their help on the Translations of the Legend Mobirates. So here's everything if you want to use it feel free but please credit Shuki and GenericJD for all their Hard work I did some of the Translation with some help from a Friend.

AkaRed Key

Densetsu no Aka Senshi!
The Legendary Red Warrior!

The 5 Gokaiger Keys (Red,Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink)

Hade ni ikuze!
Let's put up a Show!

Gokai Silver Key
Gingin ni ikuze!
Let's do this enthusiastically I am on the Silver Spotlight!


0001 - Goranger
0002 - JAKQ
0003 - Battle Fever
0004 - Denzimen
0005 - Sun Vulcan
0006 - Goggle V
0007 - Dynaman
0008 - Bioman
0009 - Changeman
0010 - Flashman
0011 - Maskman
0012 - Liveman
0013 -Turboranger
0014 - Fiveman
0015 - Jetman
0016 - Zyuranger
0017 - Dairanger
0018 - Kakuranger
0019 - Ohranger
0020 - Carranger
0021 - Megaranger
0022 - Gingaman
0023 - GoGo V
0024 - Timeranger
0025 - Gaoranger
0026 - Hurricaneger
0027 - Abaranger
0028 - Dekaranger
0029 - Magiranger
0030 - Boukenger
0031- Gekiranger
0032 - Go-Onger
0033 - Shinkenger
0034 - Goseiger
0035 - Gokaiger
0036 - Go-Busters

0101 - Kyou Wa, Oshogatsu! Happy New Year!
Today is New Years! Happy New Year!

0203 - Kyou wa, setsubun! Fukuoji Omiwasato!
Today is Setsubun (end of winter holiday)!

0214- Kyou wa, barentine's dee! Suki na ko iru?
Today is Valentina's Day! Is there a Girl you Like?

0314- Kyou wa, howaito dee! Suki no ko iru?
Today is White Day! Is there a Girl you like?

0414 - Supesyaru Moodo! Zen Sentai mei o yomiage!
Special Mode! Read the Names of all Sentai Out Loud!

0505- Kyou wa, kodomo no hi! Okiku natta ne.
Today is Children's Day! You grew up!

0707- Kyou wa, tanabete! Amanogawa, mieru ka na?
Today is Tanabata! (Weaver Festival) I wish you could see the Milky Way!

1031- Kyou wa, harowin! Okaski moratta?
Today is Halloween! Did you get Candy?

1115- Kyou wa, shichigosan! Okiku natta ne!
Today is Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) You grew up!

1224- Kyou wa, Kurisumasu Ibu! Santa Kurouzu kuru ka na? Tanoshimi!
Today is Christmas Eve! Did Santa Clause come? Fun!

1225- Kyou wa, Kurisumas! Yuk wa furu ka na furu ka na?
Today is Christmas! Will it snow? Will it snow?

1231- Kyou wa, Oomisoka! Koto mo minna, ichinen, arigatou!
Today is New Year's Eve! Thank you all for this Year!

So I hope this all Helps and please keep an eye out for my Future Reviews.