Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 2014 Haul #1

Hi Friends,
Well...was on the Hunt today to see if Dino Charge Toys hit my Stores here in Louisiana and no Luck but I was able to find Tigerclaw and the Robotic Foot Soldier and I got two because one is Missing Paint and the other isn't.  I'll try again next week on hunting for Dino Charge Toys.  So here's my Haul:

Ressha Sentai ToQger - Ressha Gattai Series EX DX Safari Ga-Oh (Bought from AmiAmi)
Ressha Sentai ToQger - Sentai Hero Series 07 Hyper ToQ Ichigou (Bought from HLJ)
Nickelodeon TMNT TigerClaw (Bought from Walmart for $8.88)
Nickelodeon TMNT Robotic Foot Soldier (Chest Painted) (Bought from Walmart for $8.88)
Nickelodeon TMNT Robotic Foot Soldier (Chest Not Painted) (Bought from Walmart for $8.88)

It has been a Long wait for Safari Ga-Oh been waiting for almost two months.  The Reviews on Tigerclaw and Robotic Foot soldier will be Planned and worked on soon so please keep an eye on them.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Plans for a Collection Video!

Hi Friends,

Well as soon as I get my Next Package I will be filming a New V-Log and I will be talking about some Plans I have been thinking about doing.   The One thing I have not done yet is a Collection Video mainly a Video of Stuff I Own in Toku/Non-Toku Related Stuff.  I also do remember someone requesting this and I think I was busy on other Matters.   So it is time for me to do a Collection Video when do I plan to do it I am not sure.   I was wanting to do one now but then I realized I can do a Collection Video for my Channels 5th Birthday which is Decemeber 31, 2014 over a Month from now and I did Mention Last Year I was going to do something Big from my 5th Anniversary.   So in my Next V-Log I will talking about that and stuff that I am selling on Rangerboard, Future Buys and More and More Fun to come on my Youtube Channel.  Where can you check my channel there is a Icon that saz "My Youtube Channel".  Also help by clicking my ads on my Videos to help me make money and bring more and more fun.   So that is it for now keep an eye on another Post.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Our 39th Sentai: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

Hi Friends,

I know this is Old News but I want it to be know the Name of our Next Sentai The 39th Sentai Shuriken Sentai Ninninger so this is the 3rd Sentai to have  the theme Ninja just Like Kakuranger and Hurricaneger.

We already got a Scan of the suit design which might Change when we get the Offical Confirmation of the First Toys Scans coming next month and we'll get actual Scans of the Suits, Mecha, and weapon.

Now As soon as I get my Hands on the Toys Scans I will Post them on my Blog.   Now if I get a email from anyone asking me to take them off I will refuse because this is my Blog and this is Information all on Sentai which is my Passion.  I got a email from someone Last Year when I posted the ToQger Scans asking me to take them off so screw you if you don't like that I like looking at the scans and I know People that follow my blog likes it.

My Thoughts on this we'll wait and see when the Toys Scans come out.

So keep an eye on More Ninninger Information!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Issues I had when Using EMS!

Hi Friends,

It's time I post this Message to let you know that AmiAmi is very very Helpful when it comes to your Orders!

On August 31, 2014 I made my Ordered from AmiAmi on a Safari Ga-Oh the plan was that Safari Ga-Oh was going to be my 300th Review well that Changed due to issues as I go through the timeline of when he left Japan until something bad happens to him.

On September 1, 2014 I paid for him and on September 2nd AmiAmi shipped him out.

So I ended up putting it on EMS as I always Have with other Past Items as it is a 3-5 Day thing and when it comes to AmiAmi I find their SAL is slow.

So As Time went on I gave Safari Ga-Oh time to get to me I watched my Tracker to see where it was and on September 4 it left Chicago Customs that's ususally where my packages go to me since I live here in Louisiana.     I ended up Using Two Trackers from the USPS and Japan Post.  The USPS Tracker said it left Customs on the 5th early that Morning.

So I figure give it time at least a day or two to get to me and I was Hoping September 8th would be the day I would get it well not the case here.  Where it went was beyond me so days went from weeks and weeks went to a Month.

During the 3rd week of september I contacted AmiAmi to let them know I never got my Package so they told me to keep an eye out if it does come to me.  But if it doesn't come to me by the 2nd of October (Making it a Month since it was shipped) they will open a Investagation and find the whereabouts on where the package went.

So October 2nd 2014, Contacted AmiAmi Again to tell them it's still not here so they open the investagation on my Behalf and they informed me it would take 4 weeks to get a full answer.

October 23, 2014 I contacted them to see if they got anything apparently not so still waiting for a Answer on my Package.

So November 4, 2014 Contacted them again and they got the Results by the looks of it the Package got lost after it left Customs where it went the Answer is still unsure.  So they Refunded my Money by putting the refund Money in my AmiAmi Points.

So Thanks to my AmiAmi Points I was able to Purchase another one and in hopes it gets to me safely.   One Part of me thinks the Postal Service got stupid and decided lose that Package on Purpose who knows today.

EMS is a Great Mailing Service but it does have it's flaws.  When Buying stuff International make sure you put everything on it Tracking Insurance everything.

I did have another Incident where I got a Package from Riderproxy and I put it on EMS and the Package took a while to get to me but I got it not this Package unreal and I was very worry about it.

So I will be making a Section on this on here for my blog so keep an eye out and I hope this doesn't happen to you.  So Good Luck on Future Purchases!