Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Haul 2013 Yah Kyoryuger!

Hi Friends,
Here's My Haul of Stuff including the Arrival of our 37th Sentai Stuff: 

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Tensouder (Bought from Riderproxy)
Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Sentai Hero Vinyl Figures 1-5 (Bought from AmiAmi)
Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Sentai Henshin Gun Gaburevolver (Bought from AmiAmi)

I will be recording the Vinyls Review tomorrow and have that up soon and do some working Preparing the Gaburevolver Review so keep an eye on things.  I am going to go by my Walmarts and see if they have a Gosei Morpher are have them going  In stock because they suck here in the south and I refuse to drive around and Burn Gas so keep an eye out for more Hauls.  If you seen my Recent V-Log I mention I am going to get the GabuCalibur and Zyudenchi Set 01.  So Keep an eye on updates hopefully with taxes I can get more shit lol.  So Ya'll take care.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kyoryuger 2nd Quarter Toy Catalog!

Hi Friends,

Well Before Kyoryuger started airing we are got some Images of the 2nd Quarter Concerning our 6th Kyoryuger which is KyoryuGold.

So here are the Images and all Credit goes to JEfusion:

Seen the Catalog Above are the Armaments of KyoryuGold. His Transformation Device will be called the GabriChanger, with his Personal Side Weapon is the Zander Thuder. Both Items are Base off from Pterosaur, and Slated for April Release.

Next Up is the Team's Personal Weapons: GabuTyra Fang (Red), ParaShot (Black), StegoShield (Blue), ZactorSlasher (Green), & DriceraLance (Pink). The First two Made up of DX Fangshot Set, While the remaining three forms the ShieldLanSlasher Set. Weapons can also combine to form the KentroSpiker, a Giant sword to be used as a Finisher. Both Set is Slated for March Release.

Last but not the Least is the Previously Revealed 6th Zyudenryu, Pteragodon, that will Transform (Kaminari Henkei, Thunder Transformation) into Pteraiden-Oh. It can be Combine with Parasagun and Zactor to form Pteraiden-Oh Western, and to Kyoryuzin to Form RaidenKyoryuzin.  It us Slated for April Release.

Along with it is the Zyudenchi #8 Bunpanchy, Which can Attach (?) to Kyoryuzin to form Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu. It will be release this June.

So my Thought on this it's okay so far Toei loves the Gold and Silver Senshi's as it seems.  I wish it was a white are Violet Senshi Guess well take it.  Kinda Like there is No Yellow Senshi in this Sentai we'll have to take that also.

But Anyway, That's it just to inform everyone my Kyoryuger Stuff is on the way so keep an eye for my next V-Log.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

The "Items on Preorder" Section has been Resurrected & Ms. Riderproxy!

Hi Friends,

Time to update you on things Concerning the Blog.  I went ahead and Added my Items on Preorder Section since I did Preorders on  some Kyoryuger Stuff the only thing I need to preorder is the Gabuvolver so all this is coming from AmiAmi.  I am super Excited about this Sentai and I believe we are in for alot of fun with this Sentai.    I don't know why I deleted that Section from the Start.

Thanks to Ms Riderproxy Once Again she was able to get me a Tensouder and is on the way so then I can start my Reviews on the Goseiger Stuff and once I get a Gosei Morpher I will do all the Megaforce and then the Comparsion with Japanese & American.   I'm looking forward to do this and maybe it's the First time I ever did this in my reviews.

Now Speaking of Riderproxy she wants me to share some Stuff so check out all the Link underneath:

She is a Wonderful Middleman Service and I totally love working with her.  If you have questions email her and I am sure she would help you with anything that Toku or Non-Toku Related.  Her email is in all the Links I have Provided you. She is the Reason I got all my Gekiranger Mechas.

I will Explain myself one more time about what my Blog is about my Blog and Facebook Page are here to support my Channel and I don't need a Person coming on here and telling me what it is for.  I am the one who created it and  I know what it is for. To the DVD Company or whoever the Hell you are quit commenting because you don't know what this is about and I am referring to my DVD Discussion Posts.  Yes it is about DVD's but what is it for.   So get off my Blog because I don't have time for this and as soon as I get finish with this Post your Comments are going to be deleted and if you don't see this Message Shame on you.

Also Friends if you want to know how a certain Online Site work like Mandarake, AmiAmi, CS Toys and HLJ just email then instead of asking me. There is a FYI on there Sites I know it.

But Getting back to my Updates I went ahead and updated my Wanted List as I added Engine-Oh to it so I am not sure when I want to start looking for all that stuff. I will be getting this stuff in the future don't know when.

But Anyway, That's it for now I should be back with a updated Haul that's when I get my Tensouder so take Care and have a Great Day.