Monday, June 18, 2012

DVD Discussions Episode 4: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Hi Friends,

So here is Episode 4 of DVD Discussions and here we are talking about out 28th Sentai Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.   So Gaoranger Set had 3 Boxsets, Hurricaneger Set had 2 Boxsets, Abaranger Set had 3 and now this Set has 4 Boxsets.

Dekaranger is a Awesome Sentai I really did enjoy that sentai.  I also Like the Title of the Final Episode "Forever Dekaranger".

Well This Time on these dvd you will see on Varies Episodes the Super Hero Time Intro with Kamen Rider Blade and Dekaranger.  This is a First Time you will see that in the Hong Kong DVD's of Sentai and you will see that in the next 2 Series Magiranger & Boukenger.

The Subs are Decent kinda similar on what I said in the First 3 Episodes of DVD Discussions.   The Movies on the HK Subs are Horrible and mainly on the Dekaranger Movies.    So our 28th Sentai has 50 Fantasic Episodes the Dekarangers were in 3 Movies Dekaranger The Movie Full Blast Action, Dekaranger VS Abaranger and they came back in Magiranger VS Dekaranger (Love that Movie).  So 2004 was a Good Year for Sentai as we are dealing with Detectives in this Sentai.   It was Truely a Great Sentai for me as it was my Second Sentai after Abaranger.

The Year I was Haunting for these Boxsets Part 1,2,and 3 were Easy to find but Part 4 was Hard as Hell to find and I mean it was very Hard to Find.  It took me till I found someone on Rangerboard that had it for Sale so I snag it from him (Thanks As Always to my Awesome Friend ModrnEerie).

"So are these DVD's Worth it?" well I mention it on the DVD Discussions Episodes that No unless you are Fan of the Art on the Boxsets.

Well be on the Look Out for Episode 5 of DVD Discussions Tomorrow and then Wednesday Episode 6 I hope you all are enjoying this new segment and please feel free to comment on my Videos.

Before I wrap this Post here is the Link to Episode 4 of DVD Discussions:

So I will be back Tomorrow with Episode 5 of DVD Discussions.  So Ya'll Take Care!


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