Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Time You All Know!

Hi Friends,

Well it's time to have a Chat here and mainly questions I've been getting asked about. "Are you a Youtube Partner?" Sadly, I am not. Let me tell you back in February of this Year 2011 I recieved an email about Applying for Revenue Sharing. So Some of my Reviews had ads by them. So then I get an email from Google about activating my Google account to make money on my Reviews. So on February 19, 2011 my Google Account was activated and I was making Money for at Least 2-3 weeks. But Then all Hell Breaks Loose Google Disabled my Account on March 9, 2011. I ask them why this Happen and no response and I'll never get a responses from this. But That's Okay I have moved on I am doing what I have to do. So if you guys are Wondering "well did you click on your own ads" no I did not. So I am still clueless on why this Happens I wish they would give me a second Chance but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. So I am not sure about Partnership with me on youtube but I am looking into different adsense that's hopefully is connected to my youtube Channel.

I love doing Reviews and I do want to be apart of something. Not Only has Google did this to me but to my Good Friend Projektrdm. They need to give you an explaination on why they did this and hear you out instead of disabling something. I don't Care if that's there policy. Be a Little more Reasonable on doing things. I really wanted to work with Google and this is how it turns out.

So Friends, I am doing what I have to do Partner or Not. So Yes I never mention anything about this and it took me 9-10 Months to tell you this.

So That is it and I hope this Answers everyone's Question.

Take Care,

Went Back to TRU Today and look what I got!

S.H. FigurArts Shinken Red

V-Log is coming so check it out!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Still November 23 here in the US but I am going to Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Be Safe, Take Care and be with Family! Here's a Video Enjoy:


Friday, November 18, 2011

Yah I did it on Finding this!!

Hi Friends,
Well Today After I left work, I decided to go wrap up my Christmas Shopping so while I was running around I decided to go Hunt for my Local TRU (B/c it moved to a Different Location) but I found it and so I went to go see if they had the SH Figurarts Shinken Red & Shinken Gold well scored they had them both so I could only afford one so here he is:

S.H. Figuarts Shinken Gold

I went ahead and got just him b/c I couldn't afford to buy 2 so I just got Shinken Gold. I will go back one day and get Shinken Red when I get paid again. I will Record the Review on this Guy Sunday and the Gokai Treasure Box Review should be up Sunday I have some Parts I need to redo. So That's it Ya'll take care!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Haul 2011 Picture!

Well Friends My Gokai Treasure Box has Finally Arrived and here is my V-Log on it and a Picture of this Months Haul:

So Enjoy and the Review on the Gokai Treasure Box is coming soon so keep an eye out!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vacation V-Log is Up and I am back!

Hey Friends,

I am back from Vacation it feels good to be back so this is where I went:

Enjoy and I'll be back with Reviews.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Plans on a New Section for the Blog!

Hi Friends,

Well it's day #12 that AmiAmi has shipped my Gokai Treasure Box. But Anyway, I do have an Idea that I will make a Section here on the Blog about Shipping Methods from Different websites but I will work on that after I return from my Vacation on Saturday. Mainly this Section will help people in the Future on when to except a Package from websites like CS Toys, AmiAmi, HLJ and Mandarake. So that's it and I hope to god my Gokai Treasure box comes when I am gone. So Ya'll take Care and I'll let you guys know when this new section will be up.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Change of Plans on my Vacation!

Hi Friends,
Well looks Like my Plans have Change for my Vacation I'll be Away from Youtube, Twitter and here Thursday the 10th & Friday the 11th. So I'll be here tomorrow in case my Gokai Treasure Box comes in. So I'll be in touch on things.


Vacation November 9-11

Hi Friends,

I have Mention this on my V-Log when I receieve my Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Model Kit but I am going on Vacation on November 9,10,11 so I will be away from my Youtube Channel, Blog and Twitter. Hopefully my Gokai Treasure Box will be here while I am gone but I will update you on that. But if I do recieve before I leave tomorrow I will record the V-Log and have it up on the Channel ASAP.

I will be Bringing my Camera to do some filming of my Vacation that's if anyone is Interested (Doing a ShukuenShinobi thing).

Also if I happen to go to a Toys R Us during the Trip and I find the ShinkenRed & Shinken Gold SH FigurArts I will film and Snag them if I don't do that during the Trip I will go to my Local Toys R Us.

So I will keep you posted on everything so keep an eye out for updates on the Channel, Twitter and Here.

Take Care,

2 Weeks and No Gokai Treasure Box!

Hi Friends,

It goes to show you the Difference with AmiAmi's EMS and SAL. EMS from AmiAmi takes 3-5 Days to get to your Destination undamage and in your Hands Quicker. SAL from AmiAmi Takes 2 are 3 Weeks to get to you Destination. So Meaning my Gokai Treasure Box should be here anyday now (Hopefully not Damaged we'll see when it comes in).

Just Yesterday I got my First Package from Mandarake and I am extremely Happy with it. My Package was shipped on Registered SAL and took 5-6 Days to come to me and the Box was not Damaged making me very Happy. So if you seen my V-Log I got GoJyuJin Finally and to be Honest I paid less then what you would pay from HLJ, AmiAmi and CS Toys.

I do not Trust AmiAmi's SAL but I wasn't going to be Paying alot for the Gokai Treasure Box so I had no choice. But After the Incident with my Gokai-Oh being Damaged (It was his Box that was damaged Thanks to Shuki for letting me have his Box) during SAL that's when I made an Oath to use EMS. But Lately EMS is Killing me and I had to come to the Conclusion that SAL is my Option.

So I will keep you guys Posted and I have another Post coming up.


My First Package from Mandarake has Arrived!

Hi Friends,
That's Right here is my in the Dark V-Log LOL:

Enjoy my Surprise and more Updates are coming!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I now have a Twitter Account!

That's Right Friends I am now on Twitter check me out here:


Keep an Eye out on updates.