Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DVD Discussions Episode 6: GoGo Sentai Boukenger

Hi Friends,
Well I never made a Schedule on when I wanted to put these Episodes of DVD Discussions so here is Episode 6:


So Sorry for the Confusion I guess I am use to putting a Review Schedule then a DVD Discussion Schedule.  But I had Plans to put 6 up Tomorrow but decide to put it up tonight, are Tomorrow whatever day it is in your timezone.

GoGo Sentai Boukenger is our 30th Sentai (Making it our 30th Anniversary Sentai) with 49 Episodes and they were on 3 Movies.

These DVD's here were the Last I was getting on the HK DVD because of the Disappointment on these.  But they are Pretty Much the same as the Previous 5 Series in the Sentai HK Line.

So there was a Gekiranger DVD HK Boxset but I wasn't going through the Hell with the Subs again so I called it quits on these.

These do have Nice Menus, Wide Screen Crystal Quality, The Clock on the Right side of your screen and they have the Super Hero Time Intro with Kamen Rider Kabuto similiar to Dekaranger and Magiranger Boxsets.

Well Friends where does this Leaves DVD Discussions even I don't know it only depends on the Views of Episode 1-6 of DVD Discussions.   Will there be a Episode 7 you'll only know in the future.

Have a Good Day and Super Sentai Forver!!!


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