Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DVD Discussions Episode 3: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

Hi Friends,
Well Episode 3 of DVD Discussions has been put on the Channel so here's the link to it:

In this Episode we are Focusing on my First Sentai Abaranger.  Just Like the Last Two Episodes I will be doing Brief Summaries on the Series, Talking about the formats, Subtitles, the Artwork on the Boxset and etc.  Abaranger was our 27th Sentai, it Aired in 2003-2004 with 50 Episodes.  So since this is my First Sentai I have to say it was a Good Sentai and I recommand any Person that coming to be a Abaranger Fan to watch it.

Well Next Week I will have Episodes 4,5,and 6 Popping up on the Channel of DVD Discussions so keep an eye on that.

What day will I have these Episodes up not sure yet they problably will be Popping up after my next V-Log. So That is it for the Day had an Back to Back Pop up of DVD Discussions so please check them out and Ya'll Take Care.


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