Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eugene's 2012 Fall Sale!

Hi Friends,

Well it appears I have to go back into this and I went ahead and Claim it as a Fall Sale but I am in Need of Money and I have some Stuff that Needs a New Home.  So I have 2 Threads on 2 Different Forums so please check them out on the Links I provide you,


Henshin Justice Unlimited (HJU):

Please Contact me Via PM as all this Stuff Must go if you are a Sentai, PR, Megaman/Rockman are Ninja Turtles Fan Please check out my Threads if your on either one are both.   These sells will Problably go on until the end of Fall so Maybe in December depending on things.   So Check them both out and Check out my Video on the Sell and I will be in touch.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Rumored 37th Sentai Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger!

Hi Friends,

Well Two week ago we got info on our Rumored 37th Sentai that will air Next Year in 2013.  This Rumor Sentai is Called Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and looks Like we are doing a Dinosaur theme one again in which I heard some People aren't to Crazy about.  The Last Series that had the Dino Theme was Abaranger and we can't forget Zyuranger.  All I can say is wait and see because I called them a Rumor because it won't be official until December.  But I will Bring you info Like I did Go-Busters and soon as I find something.   So we'll find out in December which is 3 Months for now so be Patience and you'll never know.   If they do make this Sentai a Dino Theme we'll see a Part of me is looking forward to it but I do get People's Point.  So We Should know by December 1st on if this is official and I will keep you all Posted.


New Section Added and Stuff on the Channel!

Hi Friends,
Well I went ahead and since Sentai is my Passion I have added a New section called "Super Sentai History" on here so please check it out it's still in the works as I will be putting more stuff until get to Go-Busters.  Now I will Problably will look for a Kamen Rider History but the Sentai History is a Great Start and there are somethings I didn't know because I was Born in 1981 and what they did after JAKQ ended and so on.  So Check that section out and I will be working on it more.

Now to the Channel I finally had to put my Foot down and I disabled all my Comments on all of my Reviews and V-Log.  The Comments were Crazy and I kept getting the Same Crappy Question "Where did you get this" "How much I paid for it" "Can I Buy this" so I had enough.  Yes I could ignore it but I just went a Disabled them.  Now if it's a Newer Review the Comments will be on for a Least a week are two.

So whatelse to Expect on my Channel...Well I will be Redoing my Gekiranger Mecha Reviews yes I figure what the Hell I want to do them and use my Review Setup and see how things go. I'll Problably do like a JyuKen Week are something but I am not sure but keep an Eye out on Twitter, Facebook and here.  I should recording on those soon.

Well That's all the News for now keep an eye out on things.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Early September Haul!

Hi Friends,
Time to Share another Haul with you:

Legend Sentai Series - Ranger Keys Set Abaranger (AmiAmi)
Legend Sentai Series - Ranger Keys Set Magiranger (AmiAmi)
S.H. Figuarts Red Hawk (AmiAmi)
Reviews on these should be Recorded soon and on the Channel ASAP after.  Please Guys be Serious and Check my V-Logs out I do give out alot of Info on my Channel and Future Plans.   I do Plan to redo my Gekiranger Mecha Reviews and might do a JyuKen Week I don't know yet on what's the Plan but I will tell you know I better not hear "Didn't you reviewed these already" I am serious here.   There is I am redoing these Reviews and Hope you Appreiate the Time and efford I do on them.   So That's it Ya'll Take Care and keep an Eye on the Review Schedule.