Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Review Schedule" added in the "Pages" Section!

Review Schedule is up now Friends. But Please Remember it will Change.


V-Log is up on Channel!

Here's My V-Log on the Stuff that came in today:


"Recording Schedule for Reviews" is up in the "Pages" Section!

All Right the Days I record for Reviews is up now check that out.


"Pages" Section Added!

I have added my List of Reviews that have been done already so check it out and I do need to edit that list b/c of Spelling Error. Next I will be adding my Recording schedule.


Intro of Blog

Hi Friends,
This is the Intro of my Blog and I will start off by putting the Link to my Youtube Channel and this is the Reason why my Blog Exist:

Enjoy it b/c I will update it I will try to put a schedule on when to Expect a Review to come up and I will also give you guys a schedule of the days I record for a review. So Enjoy and Please Comment this is a start.