Super Sentai History

In 1975 Goranger was our First Sentai that Aired for almost 2 Years with 84 Episodes it ended in 1977 making it still the Longest Sentai to have alot of Episodes.  So It ended and a New Sentai Emerge a week Later. The Timeslot that Goranger took was the Slot for Kamen Rider which was on a  Break.

In April of 1977 J.A.K.Q. was our Second Sentai that hit the Airwaves and had 35 Episodes making it our Shortest Sentai yet it's Final Episode Aired in December of 1977.  After J.A.K.Q. Ended Sentai went on Year and a Half Break.

In 1979 Sentai Came back with our Third Sentai Battle Fever and this sentai Started our Year Run of Sentai for each year.  Battle Fever had 52 Episodes and end in 1980.

So After Battle Fever Ended in 1980 a New Sentai Emerge Behied a week Later.  Our 4th Sentai Denziman hit the Airwaves with 51 Episodes so in Early 1981 it ended bringing us another new Sentai.

So in 1981 our 5th Sentai Sun Vulcan came into the Picture with 50 Episodes. In Early 1982 the Series ended.

So After Sun Vulcan Ended in Early 1982 our 6th Sentai Goggle V hit the Airwaves with 50 Episodes. So in Early 1983 the Series ended.

In 1983 our 7th Sentai Dynaman hit the Airwaves with 51 Episodes.  The Series Ended in Early 1984.

So 1984 Bioman our 8th Sentai hit the Airwaves with 51 Episodes. The Series Ended in Early 1985.

So our 9th Sentai Changeman hit the Airwaves in 1985 with 55 Episodes making this the Second Sentai to Follow Goranger as for the Longest Sentai Running Series. It ended in 1986.

So our 10th Sentai and the 10th Anniversary of Sentai known as Flashman hit the Airwaves in 1986 with 50 Episodes. So in Early 1987 the Series ended.

So Super Sentai has already hit Pass 10 Years Old and now our 11th Sentai Maskman hit the Airwaves in 1987 and Ended in 1988 with 51 Episodes.  Making another New Sentai Series Emerge the Airwaves.

Our Next Sentai hit the Airwaves after Maskman and so Liveman became our 12th Sentai of the Series.  So the Series Brought us 49 Episodes in 1988 and Ended in 1989.

So in 1989 our Next Sentai which is the 13th Sentai Turboranger hit the Airwaves with 51 Episodes  and the Series ended in 1990.

In 1990 our 14th Sentai Fiveman hit the Airwaves bringing us 48 Episodes making it the Second Shortest Sentai with this Number amount of Episodes the First will always been J.A.K.Q.    So Fiveman Ended in 1991 and another Fantasic Sentai was about to hit the Airwaves a Week later.

So 1991 came and another New Sentai hit the Airwaves our 15th Sentai Jetman which had 51 Episodes and ended in 1992.  This Sentai was Very Close on Coming to the American Airwaves but it didn't happen a Year Later with our next Sentai.

So Once Jetman ended another New Sentai was Announced in 1992 Zyuranger our 16th hit the Airwaves with 50 Episodes and end in 1993.  This was the Start for us in the American to see Footage from Zyuranger and so Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was Born.

So in 1993 Dairanger our 17th Sentai hit the Airwaves giving us 50 Episodes this Series ended in 1994.   Here in the American the only Footage we got was the Mecha/Zords Battles so they never showed the suits.

So 1994 our Next New Sentai our 18th Sentai Kakuranger hit the Airwaves.  This Sentai didn't take no Breaks during that year because it had 53 Episodes and it was a Awesome Sentai.  This Sentai Ended in 1995.   The Footage here in America we saw the Mechas/Zords Battles.  Then in Might Morphin Alien Rangers we saw the Suits which was only in 10 Episodes. Which was the End of the Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a Start of something new.

So 1995 was the Year of our 19th Sentai so Ohranger hit the Airwaves with 48 Episodes and this Series ended in 1996.  The Story of Ohranger took place 4 Years Later in 1999. This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Zeo.

So Carranger in 1996 became our 20th Sentai making it a Anniversary Sentai.  This Series Ended in 1997 with 48 Episodes.   This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Turbo.

So hitting Pass already the 20th Sentai in 1997, our 21st Sentai Megaranger hit the Airwaves with 51 Fantasic Epiosdes and ended in 1998. This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers In Space.

So we are Hitting Pass 20 Years of Super Sentai Fun and Thus our 22nd Sentai Gingaman was born in 1998 with 50 Episodes and Ended in 1999. This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

So in 1999-2000 our 23rd Sentai GoGoV hit the Airwaves and end with 50 Episodes.  This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

So Our 24th Sentai Timeranger hit the Airwaves with 51 Fantasic Episodes in 2000.  Episode 51 of Timeranger was mainly going through Super Sentai History and Passing the Torch to our Next Sentai and of Course our Anniversary Sentai.  So Timeranger Ended in 2001 and thus our Anniversary of 25 Years of  Sentai was Born. Timeranger was also the First Sentai where we Actually First saw the "Super Sentai Series" Logo at the Beginning of each Sentai Theme.   This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Time Force.

So 2001 was a Awesome Year for Sentai as Gaoranger because our 25th Sentai as known as the 25th Anniversary Sentai.  This Series had 51 Fantasic Episodes and Ended in 2002.    This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Wild Force.   Also Power Rangers Turned 10 Years Old with a Anniversary Special Episode of their own.

So 2002 a Year After our Anniversary Sentai our 26th Sentai Hurricaneger hit the Airwaves with 51 Episodes and Ended in 2003. The Theme in this Sentai was Ninja. This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Which was when Disney Took over).

So 2003, Our 27th Abaranger hit the Airwaves with 50 Episodes. The Theme for this was Dino's. This Series Ended in 2004 and a New Sentai emerges a week later.   This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

So 2004 was the Year of Detectives so our 28th Sentai Dekaranger hit the Airwaves.  This Series was a Somewhat of a Start with more Senshi's Appearing.  So Dekaranger had a Running of 50 Episodes and ended in 2005.  This was also a Start when we would see after the Series Ended the passing the Torch to the Next Sentai.   This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers S.P.D..

So 2005 was another Great Year of Sentai as we started with the Theme Magicians.  So Magiranger bacame our 29th Sentai and was a Very Powerful Sentai with a Storyline that can make you cry.  So the Series Ended in 2006 with 49 Episodes as another Anniversary Sentai Emerges a week Later.  This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Mystic Force.

So 2006 was the Year of 30 Years of Super Sentai and so Boukenger was our 30th Sentai to hit the Airwaves and the Theme was Adventurers.    So the Series had 49 Episodes and ended in 2007.   With 30 Years of Sentai done another New Awesome Sentai hit the Airwaves a Year Later. This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

So a Year Later after our 30th Sentai in 2007 our 31st Sentai Gekiranger hit the Airwaves with a Theme called Beast Arts.   So all During that year we were getting some awesome Battle, meeting New allies and so on.    This Series had 49 Fantasic Episodes and Ended in 2008.      This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

So in 2008 Go-Onger hit the Airwaves as our 32nd Sentai.  The Theme was Partner maining Engines as Mechas becomes Partners with Human to fight off Evill that's trying to pollute the Earth.  The Series ended in 2009 with 50 Episodes.   This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers RPM.

So in 2009 Shinkenger hit the Airwaves with a Fantasic Storyline.  The Theme was Samurai and Sentai was the 33rd Sentai it had 49 Episodes and ended in 2010 as a New Sentai comes in the Picture.  This Series Footage was in the American Series Power Rangers Samurai saban took over again and Power Rangers is on a Short break as they relaunch the Original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Series.  Power Rangers Samurai doesn't air till Early 2011.

So in 2010 Goseiger hit the Airwaves as our 34th Sentai with 50 Episodes which ended in 2011 the theme was Angels.   The Next Sentai will be another Awesome Anniversary Sentai. Power Ranger was on a Break during that Year and the Reairing of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger 2010 was going on.     This Series Footage will be used the American Series Power Rangers Mega Force which is Schedule to air in 2013.

So 2011 was another Great Year for Super Sentai as we hit 35 Years of Super Sentai Fun.   Gokaiger became our 35th Sentai also know as the Anniversary Sentai.  The Theme this Time is Pirates and the Theme fit so Perfect with the Show and not only their Pirates but they can Used the Past 34 Sentai's Ranger Keys to become a Specfic Senshi.   So for a Year they Fought the Zanyack gaining Grand Powers from all 34 Sentai's and learning more and more of Super Sentai and the Value of the Planet Earth that the Past 34 Sentai's Protected.      This Sentai had 51 Episodes and ended in 2012.   During Gokaiger Airing Power Ranger Samurai started Airing in Early February 2011.

So 2012 after Encountering a Very Awesome Sentai Series the Anniversary Ended and so we went to our 36th Sentai Go-Busters. The Theme this Time is Spies and also in this Sentai we have Buddyriod.   Go-Busters Ran a Year Long of 50 Episode and on Febuary 10, 2013 the Final Episode Aired.  During that Year Power Ranger Megaforce aired the adaption of Goseiger.

So 2013 was another Great Year for Sentai as Kyoryuger Became our 37th Sentai with the theme of Dinosaur making the 3rd sentai to have this theme (Zyuranger & Abaranger) but we love dinos as I do too.   So Kyoryuger was so Fun the Number of Members kept climbing as they spent a Year Fighting the Deboss Army.   The Series went on so well but there was alot of Problems they kept doing and that was taking to many Break so they took 4 Breaks during the year either due to a Summer Programing or the Boring Golf.   So Kyoryuger only had 48 Amazing Episode the last Sentai Series that had this Number was Carranger.   So on February 9, 2014 a Very Emotional and Awesome Final Episode of Kyoryuger Aired ending that we had for a Year of Dinosaurs and so a New Sentai Emerges!

So 2014 Marking the 38th Year of Sentai our Next Sentai ToQger hit the Airwaves and the theme this Time is very Cool and it is Trains.  This Sentai has alot to do with using your IMAGINATION and making sure you have a Ticket to stay on the Train.   This Sentai is Fighting the evil Dark Shadows and is meeting more Foes as the show progress . On February 1, 2015 Episode 46 of ToQger was scheduled to air but due to a ISIS Issue the Episode was Cancalled and Aired a week Later making the Air Date of our Next Sentai get Pushed back February 22 instead February 15 which it was Scheduled that day but due to Changes.So February 15, 2015 the Final Episode of Toqgers Aired and making another sentai Emerge  Here in America Power Rangers Super Megaforce is Airing the Adaption of Gokaiger.

So 2015 the Year of the Ninja was a Year for the Next Sentai the 39th Sentai Ninninger.   So we spent another Year Fighting the Youkai and doing the way of the Ninja and hearing "Nin Nin Nin".    On April 5, 2015 mark the 40th Anniversary of when the First Episode of Goranger Aired so Ninninger did a Special Episode with Sasuke (Kakuranger, Ninja Red)and Yousake (Hurricaneger, Hurricane Red) appearing that Episode which Ninninger is the third Sentai to have the theme Ninja so that's why they did this and the Anniversary of the First Episode Airing.  Since Ninninger was delayed a week Later due to ISIS in Early 2015 just like toqger was going to be a 47 Running Series.    Ninninger Took a Two Weeks off  (January 3, & 10, 2016) because of Golf (New Year Holiday) and they decided to have one of the Sentai VS Movies as a Preemtpied in Place of Ninninger and Ghost.  So January 17, 2016 Ninninger Returned for the Remaning 4 weeks of the series and on Febuary 7, 2016 the final episode of Ninninger Aired and a New Sentai  Emerge and that is our 40th Sentai!  Here in America Power Ranger Dino Change is Airing the Adaption of Kyoryuger.

So On February 14, 2016 Our 40th Sentai Zyuohger's  first Episode Aired making this Sentai our Anniversary Sentai and the theme is Animals and hearing "Eagle, Shark, Lion, Elephant, Tiger, AH AH AH!.    After the First Episode weeks and weeks went by and then they decided to take 2 Breaks at this time Period.    So the Series been on the Air for 7 Months and on September 4 and 11, 2016 something Amazing Happen and a Teamup with the Gokaiger Happens Episode 28 and 29 became the 1,999 and 2,000 Episodes of Super Sentai.  It's Funny 40 Years and 2,000 Episodes Later so Cool and Super Sentai Forever.  So on February 5, 2017 the Final Episode of Zyuohger Aired ending the Final Battle with Genis and the Deathgalien so wrapping up our Anniversary Sentai. This Series was a 48 Running Episode series so a New Sentai Emerges and it is our 41st Sentai!

So on February 12, 2017 (A Week after Zyuohger's Ended), Our 41st Sentai Kyuranger's first Episode Aired all on Constellations, Space and Kyutama's.  Kyuranger is a Different Sentai then Past Sentai's and what I mean in Sentai History we have evolved from a 5 Team Member (Which is what we started in each series) to a 9 Team Member and that is what I mean Different for this Sentai which is cool and Different.  So the Kyuranger are on a Mission to Fighting and Defeating the Jark Matter but they do still have the 5 Member trend as 5 Members are picked for various Missions.  Here in America Power Ranger Ninja Steel is Airing which is the Adaption of Ninninger.  

I will Update More as Time Progresses!

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