Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yah More Pictures on Go-Busters and Ranger Keys!

Hi Friends,
Here is some Pictures of Two Go-Busters that will be in the Series Later on along with their Weapons, Changers and Buddyroids. Also I have One Picture of More Ranger Keys that will be Release in 2 Sets for Sure will be Release in June. So Enjoy the Pictures:

Gold BeetBuster & Silver StagBuster

- Morphin Blaster (Allows New Ranger & Buddyroid to Transform into BeetBuster & StagBuster)

- Sofubi of Beet, Stag and New Buddyroid

- Mecha (Beetle & Stag)

- DriBlade (Side-Weapon, transforms into wheel for Mecha Piloting)- Transpod (Recolor of the Core 3's Transpod)

-Ranger Keys (OOO Set, Hurricaneger Set, Boukenger Set, Dekaranger Set, Gekiranger Set, Go-Buster Set 2 ; includes Beet, Stag and New Buddy)

So will I be getting these you bet. These are the 2nd Quarter Toy Line so looks Like June is Possible for these not sure of a Actual Release Month yet. The Hurricaneger and Boukenger Ranger Keys are Set to be Release sometime in June. I'll be looking up on my Sources and keeping you guys Posted.


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