Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preorder Status!

Hi Friends,

Well I just wanted to let you know my "Items on Preorder" List has been updated.

But Anyway, Monday Night I Preordered some Go-Busters Stuff from AmiAmi I ordered the Vinyl Figures and the Morphin Brace. It was weird though that AmiAmi was Having Issues with their Site that Night and as I Ordered the Morphin Brace it Sold Out and the Same Crap kept Happening to my Good Friend ShukuenShinobi (I am Glad he was able to order his). But Compared to last Year with the Release of the Mobirates I didn't get mine till like a month after it came out. But I am glad this Year I was able to Preordered the Changer and will be able to get it along with the Vinlys and have them a Week are 2 after they were Release. The Release Date for the Changer and Vinyls are February 25, 2012 the day before the Series starts. The Go-Busters Stuff where I got them at you can check them out here:

or here's the link to the Changer and Vinlys

I also Tweated on Twitter about it and had alot of People Pissed at me all I can say is screw you okay this was unexpected.

Okay Now to My Mega Man Fans out there, Well the Preorders are out for the D-Arts Rockman X Zero Type 2 Figure on AmiAmi here:

Sadly he is Sold Out but keep an Eye out on it b/c AmiAmi Updates on it alot. I made my Preorder on him a week ago.

The D-Arts Rockman X Zero (Type 2) is Schedule to be Release Late May 2012

All Those Links Keep checking them out b/c AmiAmi's Site has been acting weird and sometimes the Items is either "Sold out" or "in Stock". So Seriously if I were you I would react now when you see something in Stock. There's Also HLJ if you don't feel like Messing with AmiAmi. HLJ doesn't have no Preorders up yet.

So Check out my Preorder List and I wish you all Good Luck on Preordering these! No New Info from Riderproxy on my Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon I'll be in touch more on those!


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