Friday, February 10, 2012

Situation on Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon!

Hi Friends,

Well I want to Talk about the Situation on Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon. Riderproxy and I have been staying Touch on this. But Anyway, We Bid on a Auction on it and Won it on January 26, 2012 in Japan. I have already Paid the Majority of it and only need to pay Shipping. Usually it doesn't take Riderproxy long to recieve an Item but it's been 2 weeks since we won the Auction and now I am concern and hope to god she gets them. But I know Riderproxy she'll have a Plan and she said she'll contact her local Post Office and I hope to hear something soon. Do Not worry Friends I want Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon to come to me Safely and I do Thanks Ms Rideproxy for being Awesome during this whole Transaction. So That's it for now and I'll be in touch on Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon. Take Care!


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