Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Info from Ms Riderproxy!

Hi Friends,

Well nothing new Yet but I have been emailing Riderproxy Back and Forth today and she was Telling me today that she has been emailing the Seller asking the Seller Concerning my Package are Mainly is "My Package in the Mail". Well Guess what the Seller hasn't replied and Riderproxy has already sent a Couple of emails and No Responds. So Riderproxy told me to give her three days and she'll get back to me. So what's the Next step I don't know just give Riderproxy the Time to see if she gets a Response Back from the Seller and we'll take it from there. Riderproxy also Mentioning to me on refunding all of my Money but I told her to wait b/c I have been thinking about getting Machalcon Instead if this Doesn't work out. So What am I saying is this is NOT Rideproxy's Fault it's the Seller's that had Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon on this Auction.

So By the Looks of it Friends I might be getting my Go-Busters Stuff before I get Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon the way things are Looking.

So What I am Trying to say if you are Seller stay in touch with the Buyers at all times and don't be Fuckin with Peoples Money and not sending the Item out that People pay good money on.

Well That's it I will keep you posted when I hear from Riderproxy again. Ya'll Take Care.


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