Friday, February 24, 2012

The Conclusion Of Megaman X Week!

Hi Friends,

Well today Friday February 24, 2012 I put up the Last Review of Megaman X Week. The Week was all on my Model Kits in a Different Version Review. I will Clearly tell you this as a Mega Fan I know my History of Megaman X and I had to do some research on some of the Parts of the Armors and what they do for some Models. I also had to do the Japanese Names of the Falcon, Gaea and 4th Armors. So the Week Ended with the Gaea Armor from X5. So I went ahead for the First Part of the week have two reviews come up a day until tuesday and Wednesday till Friday just have one up and conclude. Redoing those Reviews were fun to do the only thing was my Voice was Horsed b/c I was sick but it hanged in there. I will be working on the "Reviews that are done and on youtube" Section fixing the titles with some miner corrections. So now that those Newer Versions are up and you have friends that are Megafans please tell them to check my Channel out. I hated deleted the old ones but they were Reviews that I done shortly after I started doing Reviews. Well That's It I hope you enjoyed Megaman X Week and Please continue to support me.


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