Friday, December 9, 2011

Well Scratch that I now have 25 Reviews to redo.

Hi Friends,
Aye so Much to do! Well I mention a Couple of days ago that I had 21 Reviews to redo well things has Change and it is now 25 Reviews. So Far Right now I have 13 Reviews already recorded 2 already on the Channel. I will try today and get the rest of the recording done since I am off from my Job so I have 7 Reviews to record and tomorrow I will get Reviews up slowly but surely. Tomorrow & Sunday I will have one a day and then Monday and so on I will do two a day. I will be working on my Channel and fixing some of the titles on some of my reviews of the Past. Also in my "Reviews that is already up on the Channel" list I will edited it and mainly the ones that are deleted I will keep in the List so. Just to let everyone know that I have scrapped a good bit of reviews on the Channel making it 19 Reviews that were scrapped but not to worry those reviews will be back up just watch the Review Schedule. So I will keep you posted on when all the recording is done. So Ya'll Take Care and keep an eye out for my updates.


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