Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gokaiger will be a 51 Episode Running Sentai!

Hi Friends,

Good News I mention on the Go-Buster Post about being unsure if Gokaiger will be a 51 or 52 Episode Running Sentai. Well on HJU and Rangerboard I have Found out that we are going to have 51 Episodes of Gokaiger so Yah to our 35th Sentai it deserves this. The Last 51 Episode Running in Sentai History was almost 10 Years ago when Hurricanger Airing. So here's our schedule but I don't have the descriptions of the Episodes:

Episode 43 - 12/18/2011

Episode 44 - 12/25/2011

Episode 45 - 1/8/2012

Episode 46 - 1/15/2012

Episode 47 - 1/22/2012

Episode 48 - 1/29/2012

Episode 49 - 2/5/2012

Episode 50 - 2/12/2012

Episode 51 (Final) - 2/19/2012

So That's all and Go-Buster is Schedule to air February 26, 2012 I hope this Answers your questions and it did for me and I am going to enjoy the end of Gokaiger even though I don't want it to end. Take Care and more updates on the Channel coming up.


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