Monday, December 26, 2011

Channel's Anniversary coming in 5 days!

Hi Friends,

Well I hope everyone had an Awesome Christmas I know I did. But Anyway, The Channel's Anniversary is coming in 5 days and I am currently working on some Parts for today, Wednesday and hopefully conclude it before the 30th. So this will be may last Video of 2011 as we Draw down to a Close with this Year and heading to another Awesome Year. So it's not my Last Video Period it's Mainly my Last Video of 2011. So Once I buy more shit then we'll have more fun on the Channel in 2012. So what to except in this Channel Anniversary Special, Oh just mainly a Special on the First Camera I used and my Current Camera. I'll show you my "Review Station" and my Work area. Whatelse we'll you'll just have to watch when it comes up. The time for this Video to be up will be exactly when it hits Midnight in Japan on December 31, 2011 making it still December 30th here in the States but I want this up anyway b/c Last Year I didn't do a Year Anniversary of the Channel. I will be keeping you guys Posted on everything it's nothing special like the 200th Video but it's mainly on things I use and my New Years Greetings and etc. So That's it for now take Care and I will be back with more Updates on the Coming Channel Anniversary!


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