Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Mecha Images!

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Hi Friends,
Well here is some Info and Images on the Mechas of our 39th Sentai Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.   My Sources came from Toku Nation so I will put that at the end of my Post so no one will email me to take them off:

The Image is very Blurry here but it does give you some Clue.  So in the Photo we have the DX Shurikenjin shows all Five Indiviual Mecha  Shinobimaru (Humanoid), Dragonmaru (Dragon), Danpumaru (Dump Truck), Wanmaru (Dog) & Byunmaru (Train).  By the Looks of it the Conbined forms to have Multiple configuations according to existing rumors, anyone of the 5 Maru (Which is what we are calling them) can become the Centerpiece for the Combination and Shurikenjin will have different abilities or Form Based on the Central Component.

The Next two Image is a Different Angle of Shurikenjin:

Then in the Next Image is the DX Paonmaru, an Elephant Type Mecha that also Transform into a Robot and can become an Armor for the DX Shurikenjin and Arms with a Boardsword.

And Lastly the DX UFOmaru, a UFO type mecha that can also transform into a Robot and Armor for the DX Shurikenjon and Arms it with a 3 barreled Cannon

Sources: Toku Nation and JEFusion

  I will give you my Imput soon but enjoy the images that I have for you.  More Ninninger Images to come hopefully of the Vinyls, Weapons, and The Changer...


P.S. Ninningers
Akaninger (Red)
Aoninger (Blue)
Kininger (Yellow)
Shironinger (White)
Momoninger (Pink)

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