Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ninninger Scans of the Figures, Changer, Buckle & Weapons

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Well after a Long await on these scans we finally got the Scans on the Ninninger Figures, Weapons, Changer and Buckle:

Shinobi Ichibangatana - The Ninninger's Main Weapon and Changer it's a sword they Take into combat. The DX Toy Comes with the AkaNinger Shuriken.

The Next Scan is all the Figure including the Male Action Figures w/ weapons & Sentai Hero Series Vinyls.

The Next Image is the Ninnin Buckle this years Gimmick involves Shinobi Shurikens that can unlock new Powers, weapons and Potentially even new Features in the Mecha. Each Ninninger carries the Shurikens in the Buckle.  The DX Toy Comes with the ShiroNinger Shuriken.

The Next Image has the Ninninger's Blaster that is a gun shaped like a frog and it is called the Gama Gama Ju. The DX Toy comes with AoNinger Shuriken.

In the Next Image has the Karakuri Hengen it's another piece of the Ninningers Arsenal.  It's a Massive Shuriken capable of 3 Distictive forms - Blade, Claw and Bow.  The DX Toy Comes with KiNinger Shuriken.

In the Last Image we got shows the Goton Shinobi Shuriken which allows the Ninningers to attack with anyone of the Five elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal or Earth.

Sources: Toku Nation and JEFusion

Well I have to say I am digging the scans which is making me excited about this Sentai.   I dig the 5 earth Elements with the Goton Shinobi Shuriken.  The Changer I totally digged which is called Shinobi Ichibangatana I love sword Changers and I am looking forward to the Vinyl figures.  The Gama Gama Ju (The Blaster) is funny looking like a frog shaped blaster.   So far I am impressed I wish we can get some clearer scans of the mecha hopefully we'll see some soon.   I need to find a Program so I can work on a Eugene's Ramble time as I want to Ramble About this sentai.  If you know a real good Audio Program besides Camtasia please let me know.   Well I hope we see more Ninninger Scans hopefully better ones of the Mechas.  So keep an eye out on more Ninninger News.


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