Friday, December 5, 2014

Past Sentai Promotional Poster Scans!

Hi Friends,

Back again with Another Post and since we got the Promotional poster Scan of Ninninger I want to go ahead and show the Past 6 Promotional we had along with Ninninger:
              Shinkenger 2009 (33rd Sentai)                 

Goseiger 2010 (34th Sentai)

Gokaiger 2011 (35th Sentai)

   Go-Busters 2012 (36th Sentai)                 Kyoryuger 2013 (37th Sentai)

    ToQger 2014 (38th Sentai)                  Ninninger 2015 (39th Sentai)

So these are thep romotional Posters of our sentai from 33-39 which I kept the ToQger and Kyoryuger I had to hunt for Shinkenger, Go-Busters, gokaigers and Goseiger Promotional Posters but in a way I do like the Promotional Posters and I wanted to share these.  So More info of Ninninger coming....


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