Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Scans on the Weapons for Kyoryuger!

Hi Friends,
Finally had the Chance to update you guys on somemore Kyoruyger and I have some Scans of the Weapons our heroes will be using so enjoy and this Info comes from Henshin Justice so Thanks to them for this:

The Kyoryuger's are equipped with two Weapons. A Gun and a Sword!

The GabRecalibur is a Compatible with JuudenChi 15, Allomerus.  The Battery can be used to activate the Special attack, "Bamora".  While GabRevolver is Compatible with JudenChi 1, 14, and 15, Gabutyra, Stymero and Allomerus. It can be used as a Machine Gun and a Shoot at Rapid Fire, or as a Shotgun that shoots powerful blasts!

It also has a Special Attack, Bamora, just like the GabRecalibur. But it also has a Stronger attack called "Bamora Much".  The GabRevolver is also used as Their Transformation Device.

So That's Nice to see some Better Scans of the Weapons and I think they are really awesome and can't wait to see what they do on the Show.

So that's it keep an eye for more Post and I hope you are enjoying what I am providing you.  I'll be in touch.


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