Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Revealed with a Logo and Pictures of the Suits!

Hi Friends,
Well...It's Finally here!!!  Here is the Official Logo and Suits for our 37th Super Sentai Series Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger.  The New Show Helmed by Koichi Sakamoto and Riku Sanjo Premieres February 17th 2013:

Kyoryuger is Composed of Red, Green, Black, Blue and Pink, whereas the latter is the only Female.  Transformation Device is a Battery Motif (called JuuDenChi)  charged up with Dino Power.

Each Member has a associated Dinosaur Mecha with the main Mecha composed of Two Arms and the main Body piece. Transformation & Combining seqences are accompanied by up-tempo Music, Such as Samba, Western and so on.

(Credit goes to for the info)

Now it's time I talk about this Sentai, well this is a First of a No Yellow Senshi from the Previous Sentai's unless we get a 6th Senshi that's going to be yellow and so far we don't know.   Sometimes well see 5 with a Red, Blue, Black Yellow and Pink or 5 Red Blue Yellow Black Green or mainly our favorite Red Blue Green Yellow and Pink.  Some Sentai's gives up three with just Red Blue and Yellow.   So we will see if we get a Yellow Senshi.

Well my Opinion on the Suits there Different that's all I can say.  They have a Mix of Gingaman, Gokaiger, and Jetman design somewhat.   "Do I like them?" Not Sure it is too Soon to Judge and I am really hoping for more Pictures and I hope it's more of the Toy Line.  The Pictures we got now are Kinda Blurry so I am kinda Pissed at that but I'll take it.

But I am excited for this Sentai we are coming from a Spy theme to a Dino theme and you never know.  I heard alot about the Ratings for Go-Busters being so Bad and I hope the Ratings will be good for Kyrouyger.  By the Looks of it Go-Busters Might be 50 Episodes long depending on how many more times they take a Break due to golf.

So that's all my Info for now on Kyoryuger I hope we get some better Scans of this Sentai in the Future I will be back on this.


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