Friday, December 7, 2012

Again more Kyoruyger Scans and Yah were seeing the Changer!

Hi Friends,
It has been a Wonderful Two Days with Scans and Revealing so here is more Scans of Kyoruyger and  Source came from Henshin Justice:

 The Batteries are not only for their Mecha, but they also use it in order to Transform with Samba Rhythm into Kyoryuger! Kyoryuger will Feature 5 strong heroes and the Show will be enjoyable, Cheerful and very Funny!

 By Simply Inserting a Battery ino the GabRevolver, the Kyoryu Change into the Kyoruyger. The GabRevolver can also Change into the Sword, GabriCalibur. With this Weapon, the Kyoryugers can use a Special Attack with Samba Rhythm

To Active a JudenRyu, Simply throw a Batteru into its Mouth!

So I am Glad we had a shitload of Scans Lately if we have more I will sure add them on here and all I can say I am Happy about this New Sentai.  I'll be in touch with more Scans.


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