Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Section Added and Stuff on the Channel!

Hi Friends,
Well I went ahead and since Sentai is my Passion I have added a New section called "Super Sentai History" on here so please check it out it's still in the works as I will be putting more stuff until get to Go-Busters.  Now I will Problably will look for a Kamen Rider History but the Sentai History is a Great Start and there are somethings I didn't know because I was Born in 1981 and what they did after JAKQ ended and so on.  So Check that section out and I will be working on it more.

Now to the Channel I finally had to put my Foot down and I disabled all my Comments on all of my Reviews and V-Log.  The Comments were Crazy and I kept getting the Same Crappy Question "Where did you get this" "How much I paid for it" "Can I Buy this" so I had enough.  Yes I could ignore it but I just went a Disabled them.  Now if it's a Newer Review the Comments will be on for a Least a week are two.

So whatelse to Expect on my Channel...Well I will be Redoing my Gekiranger Mecha Reviews yes I figure what the Hell I want to do them and use my Review Setup and see how things go. I'll Problably do like a JyuKen Week are something but I am not sure but keep an Eye out on Twitter, Facebook and here.  I should recording on those soon.

Well That's all the News for now keep an eye out on things.


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