Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eugene's 2012 Fall Sale!

Hi Friends,

Well it appears I have to go back into this and I went ahead and Claim it as a Fall Sale but I am in Need of Money and I have some Stuff that Needs a New Home.  So I have 2 Threads on 2 Different Forums so please check them out on the Links I provide you,


Henshin Justice Unlimited (HJU):

Please Contact me Via PM as all this Stuff Must go if you are a Sentai, PR, Megaman/Rockman are Ninja Turtles Fan Please check out my Threads if your on either one are both.   These sells will Problably go on until the end of Fall so Maybe in December depending on things.   So Check them both out and Check out my Video on the Sell and I will be in touch.


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