Sunday, April 29, 2012

Redoing Gokai Red SHF Review!

Hi Friends,

It's time to Pick you up to Speed on things.  I just got Finish putting up Gokai Green and Gokai Blue SHF Reviews.  My Gokai Yellow SHF is on the way from Mandarake.  But Anyway, Been doing some thinking and thought about somethings and watched my Gokai Red SHF Review and I am not Happy with it due to the Length it was and the errors I made in the review and Title so I am going to Redo it over and make the same Plan I did in the Gokai Blue and Green SHF Reviews.  I had this Planned after I got Gokai Silver SHF Review up but dropped the Planned until now.   So if you are a Fan of my Reviews please let everyone know so I won't be hearing "Didn't you did this review already?" yes I know but this is for my Corrections but my Newer Version will be better b/c I have the plan set and my new turntable (Which I am very Proud of).  Also getting back to Gokai Yellow SHF I won't review her until I get Gokai Pink so be Patience b/c Gokai Pink has the Wired Gokai Saber and Gokai Yellow only comes with one and I want to have fun in Gokai Yellow's Review with Both Wired Gokai Sabers.    Okay That's everything keep an eye out on the 2nd Version of the Gokai Red SHF Review it will be better then the 1st and Please look forward to that.   I'll be in touch and Take Care.


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