Saturday, April 7, 2012

Go-Busters Ranger Keys Set and Translations from the Original Mobirates!

Hi Friends,
Thanks to my Good Friend ShukuenShinobi for the Help with the Translations of the Go-Busters Keys when you use the Original Mobirates so here's what they are saying:

"Minna Ega Kawa Ikou"

"Everyone, Let's Go to the Movies (Threaters)"

So the Saying for the Legend Mobirates are:


"Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters"

So that's all and please check out my Review on the Keys as I do have the Translations in the Annotations. Here's the Link:

I have Updated the Review Schedule and the SHF GokaiSilver will be up next week so keep an eye out.

So that's everything of the Translations to the Legend Mobirates and I hope this all helps out my Reviews will be popping up following the schedule.

So That's it ya'll have a Good one and Take Care.


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