Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Legend Mobirates Translations

Hi Friends,
The Legend Mobirates Review is up and here it is:

I have 3 More Reviews with the Legend Mobirates coming and I have up dated the Schedule so keep an eye out.

So here is all the Translations that came off the Legend Mobirates a Big Thank you to Shuki and GenericJD for their help on the Translations of the Legend Mobirates. So here's everything if you want to use it feel free but please credit Shuki and GenericJD for all their Hard work I did some of the Translation with some help from a Friend.

AkaRed Key

Densetsu no Aka Senshi!
The Legendary Red Warrior!

The 5 Gokaiger Keys (Red,Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink)

Hade ni ikuze!
Let's put up a Show!

Gokai Silver Key
Gingin ni ikuze!
Let's do this enthusiastically I am on the Silver Spotlight!


0001 - Goranger
0002 - JAKQ
0003 - Battle Fever
0004 - Denzimen
0005 - Sun Vulcan
0006 - Goggle V
0007 - Dynaman
0008 - Bioman
0009 - Changeman
0010 - Flashman
0011 - Maskman
0012 - Liveman
0013 -Turboranger
0014 - Fiveman
0015 - Jetman
0016 - Zyuranger
0017 - Dairanger
0018 - Kakuranger
0019 - Ohranger
0020 - Carranger
0021 - Megaranger
0022 - Gingaman
0023 - GoGo V
0024 - Timeranger
0025 - Gaoranger
0026 - Hurricaneger
0027 - Abaranger
0028 - Dekaranger
0029 - Magiranger
0030 - Boukenger
0031- Gekiranger
0032 - Go-Onger
0033 - Shinkenger
0034 - Goseiger
0035 - Gokaiger
0036 - Go-Busters

0101 - Kyou Wa, Oshogatsu! Happy New Year!
Today is New Years! Happy New Year!

0203 - Kyou wa, setsubun! Fukuoji Omiwasato!
Today is Setsubun (end of winter holiday)!

0214- Kyou wa, barentine's dee! Suki na ko iru?
Today is Valentina's Day! Is there a Girl you Like?

0314- Kyou wa, howaito dee! Suki no ko iru?
Today is White Day! Is there a Girl you like?

0414 - Supesyaru Moodo! Zen Sentai mei o yomiage!
Special Mode! Read the Names of all Sentai Out Loud!

0505- Kyou wa, kodomo no hi! Okiku natta ne.
Today is Children's Day! You grew up!

0707- Kyou wa, tanabete! Amanogawa, mieru ka na?
Today is Tanabata! (Weaver Festival) I wish you could see the Milky Way!

1031- Kyou wa, harowin! Okaski moratta?
Today is Halloween! Did you get Candy?

1115- Kyou wa, shichigosan! Okiku natta ne!
Today is Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) You grew up!

1224- Kyou wa, Kurisumasu Ibu! Santa Kurouzu kuru ka na? Tanoshimi!
Today is Christmas Eve! Did Santa Clause come? Fun!

1225- Kyou wa, Kurisumas! Yuk wa furu ka na furu ka na?
Today is Christmas! Will it snow? Will it snow?

1231- Kyou wa, Oomisoka! Koto mo minna, ichinen, arigatou!
Today is New Year's Eve! Thank you all for this Year!

So I hope this all Helps and please keep an eye out for my Future Reviews.


  1. I ordered a normal mobirates online and got it. When I opened it, I typed in the gobusters code (0036) and it worked! I tried all legend codes, all worked but none of the mecha codes worked. I think a factory mistake occured, a legend mobilates chip in the body of a Mobirates.

    1. Same thing happened to me. Kind of bummed, but at the same time, I'll be able to use the Go-Busters keys with this without buying another one.

    2. I think I got the same problem I ordered the origional one but it only takes the legend codes. I bummed out you can't call the Goki Gallon on the legend one :(