Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Time You All Know!

Hi Friends,

Well it's time to have a Chat here and mainly questions I've been getting asked about. "Are you a Youtube Partner?" Sadly, I am not. Let me tell you back in February of this Year 2011 I recieved an email about Applying for Revenue Sharing. So Some of my Reviews had ads by them. So then I get an email from Google about activating my Google account to make money on my Reviews. So on February 19, 2011 my Google Account was activated and I was making Money for at Least 2-3 weeks. But Then all Hell Breaks Loose Google Disabled my Account on March 9, 2011. I ask them why this Happen and no response and I'll never get a responses from this. But That's Okay I have moved on I am doing what I have to do. So if you guys are Wondering "well did you click on your own ads" no I did not. So I am still clueless on why this Happens I wish they would give me a second Chance but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. So I am not sure about Partnership with me on youtube but I am looking into different adsense that's hopefully is connected to my youtube Channel.

I love doing Reviews and I do want to be apart of something. Not Only has Google did this to me but to my Good Friend Projektrdm. They need to give you an explaination on why they did this and hear you out instead of disabling something. I don't Care if that's there policy. Be a Little more Reasonable on doing things. I really wanted to work with Google and this is how it turns out.

So Friends, I am doing what I have to do Partner or Not. So Yes I never mention anything about this and it took me 9-10 Months to tell you this.

So That is it and I hope this Answers everyone's Question.

Take Care,

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