Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2 Weeks and No Gokai Treasure Box!

Hi Friends,

It goes to show you the Difference with AmiAmi's EMS and SAL. EMS from AmiAmi takes 3-5 Days to get to your Destination undamage and in your Hands Quicker. SAL from AmiAmi Takes 2 are 3 Weeks to get to you Destination. So Meaning my Gokai Treasure Box should be here anyday now (Hopefully not Damaged we'll see when it comes in).

Just Yesterday I got my First Package from Mandarake and I am extremely Happy with it. My Package was shipped on Registered SAL and took 5-6 Days to come to me and the Box was not Damaged making me very Happy. So if you seen my V-Log I got GoJyuJin Finally and to be Honest I paid less then what you would pay from HLJ, AmiAmi and CS Toys.

I do not Trust AmiAmi's SAL but I wasn't going to be Paying alot for the Gokai Treasure Box so I had no choice. But After the Incident with my Gokai-Oh being Damaged (It was his Box that was damaged Thanks to Shuki for letting me have his Box) during SAL that's when I made an Oath to use EMS. But Lately EMS is Killing me and I had to come to the Conclusion that SAL is my Option.

So I will keep you guys Posted and I have another Post coming up.


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