Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog has hit a Month Old Already!

Hi Friends,
Well after going pass 500 Page Views it has already been a Month since I activated the Blog. So it is Amazing on how things has been going for me even if I've taking Breaks from Reviewing on and off.

So Anyway to Busniess, It Appears I need to hold back on Buying stuff (Hopefully not for long). Not Only do I have Items to buys but Bills also to pay for. So Give it time I will be back on buying crap.

I still need to find a Place to Snag RKS 06 and 07 whenever they go back in stock. I am watching AmiAmi and Mandrake if they stock up on them. I made a Preorder on the Ranger Keys Set SP from AmiAmi and the looks of it they'll be here soon so keep an eye out for updates.

Well That is it, Thank you Friends for all your support and checking out my Blog and hopefully my next Post will be on Reviews.

Take Care,

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