Friday, October 7, 2011

"Toys Release Schedule" Added and more Stuff is coming!

Hi Friends,
Well Ranger Keys Set 06 and 07 are on the way and should be here anyday now. V-Log will be up as soon as they arrive. But I preorder Ranger Keys Set SP and then (Thanks to my Friend Jedimon2005) I was able to Preorder the Ranger Keys Set DX and got the Notice today they are Ready and I have already Paid for. So Be Ready for another V-Log.

Just so you guys I have added a Toy Release Schedule on the Kamen Rider, Sentai and Rockman/Megaman Toys. Thanks to Shuki for letting me Copy them and have them on my Blog so that it'll help me and you guys in the Future. I will update it when Shuki updates it on RRR. For Now I have all the Release Schedule for October and once the Month Changes I will update it. I hope the Toy Release Schedule is a Big help to you guys so mark your calendars when you see my Toys Release Schedule.

Well That's it and I will let you guys know when my Stuff and all comes in.

Take Care,

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