Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Model Kit set to hit Japan October 17, 2011

Hi Friends,

Well here's some Info on the Kotobukiya Zero Model please click on this link for more info: so Remember the Date is October 17, 2011 is when it'll hit Japan. I have already made my Preorder on him as he will be part of my October Haul. So Go to AmiAmi their Link is on my Blog at the top.

Well I am currently waiting for some stuff to come to me before a V-Log will be up. I am waiting for someone to restock on Ranger Keys 06 & 07 and once I get those I will have the V-Log up and hopefully I will be recording on all of those. So the V-Log will be in Parts due to different stuff coming to me on different Days.

So Anyway, Please check out that link on the Kotobukiya Zero Model Kit and I hope you get yours and I'll be back with more Updates on my September/Part of October Hauls.


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