Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blog Hits 500 Views Already!

Hi Friends,
Well I am enjoying my time away from Recording and Uploading Reviews on Youtube. I will be back soon b/c I have Snagged Ranger Keys Set 08 from AmiAmi. Just to let you know all you Rockman Megaman Fans that the D-Arts Rockman X Full Armor will be Release in Japan on Friday so I had him on Preorder for a While on AmiAmi. So A V-Log will be coming I might be doing it in Parts. Oh and My Background when I do my V-Log will be Different so be prepared for that. Also I am waiting for AmiAmi to Restock on Ranger Keys 06 & 07 so I can snag them so when I do that I will add that in the V-Log. Next Month I might be Able to Snag GoJyuJin we'll have to see how things go for me in Money and I got the Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Model, also Engine MachFalcon too but we'll see.

But in Other News, The Blog has hit 500 Views and it's not even a Month old Yet. That's Awesome Thanks Guys for Checking this Blog out and my Channel. August 31, 2011 I activated it and I have added alot of stuff but the Blog is still in the Works as I want to Improve it and my Reviews.

The Future of the Blog and Channel will keep Changing so keep checking everything out and Thanks for your Support!


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