Thursday, September 8, 2011

Updates on Blog and Reviews are up!

Hi Friends,

Haven't did a post since Monday but anyway Today and Yesterday I have Posted 3 Reviews on the Channel.

Here are the Two that are Remakes from the Deletion that were put on the Channel Yesterday:

Here's another one that has never been done are was never on the Channel before and it was Posted today:

Okay he's some News I have Recorded Part of the Furaimaru Review Yesterday and I have a Couple of Parts I need to wrap on that Review tomorrow. Also the Furaimaru Review is scheduled to be up on the Channel Saturday September 10, 2011 and it's already in my schedule plan on the Blog.

So The Schedule has been updated and after the Furaimaru Review I will take a Little Brake from Uploading and Reviewing.

Hopefully I'll Luck out Snagging the Ranger Keys Sets 06, 07 and 08 not sure from who it'll Problably be from AmiAmi.

I have been on Mandrake and they have some really good deals on some GoJyuJin's and I am not sure when I'll get him but it might be Mandrake a Place to get mine. But Also please Remember I have Preordered the D-Arts Full Armor X from AmiAmi so we are looking at the end of this Month.

I still have Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon to get for my Geki Mecha Collection I can't wait to get them so I can Review them and SaiDaiOh.

The Gingabrace I'll have to wait on that are I might not get it at all. I still want the Hyper Shinken Red Sentai Hero Vinyl Figure.

But I am working real hard for the New stuff to get like the Ranger Keys, GoJyuJin and the D-Arts Full Armor X. I also need to Preorder Kotobukiya Zero Model Kit that is coming out next Month.

Well That is it I will add a Little Preorder and my wanted List under my Review Schedule. So Enjoy the Reviews that are up now and I will be back tomorrow and Saturday with my other Two Reviews.

Take Care and Enjoy my Reviews and Channel.


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