Friday, December 2, 2016

Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger... Our 41st Sentai of 2017 and Toy Listing Annouced!

Hi Friends,

Well it is that Time of Year Again when we get the Annoucement of our New Sentai for 2017 so the Name of our 41st Sentai is called:

Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

We don't have Toy Scans yet but I have information on the Toy Listing so here we go and once again all credit goes to heroshock:

"The Bandai Meeting was Yesterday and here's the Listing of the Toy Catalogue.

As the Title Implied we will have 9 Heroes (Kyu =9) represented by Constellations: ShishiRed (Lion), OokamiBlue (Wolf), KajikiYellow (Swordfish), CameleonGreen, WashiPink (Eagle), SasoriOrange(Scorpio), TenbinGold (Libra) and HebitsukaiSilver (Ophiuchus)."

"This Year's Collectable Gimmick will be spheres known as Kyutama.

Each Hero will have one corresponding to its consellation (Shishi Kyutama etc...) but more are to be collected: Kujira Kyutama (Whale). Kenbikyou Kyutama (Microscope), Ryoken Kyutama (hound), Andrimeda Kyutama, Perceus Kyutama.."

"As for the Weapons we will have the Seiza Blaster (Seiza = Constellation), the Kyu Sword, the Kyu Axe and the Kyu Spear."

"The Mechas pf our Heroes will be know as Voyagers: Shishi Voyager, Ookami Voyager, Kajiki Voyager, Chameleon Voyager, Washi Voyager, Oushi Voyager, Sasori Voyager, Tenbin Voyager, Hebitsukai Voyager.

The First Robot of the Series will be Kyurenoh."

So that's all the Information I got from Heroshock as I hope the Next Annoucement is Actual Toy Scans of this New Sentai.  So Far I am liking these name and can wait for Actual Images of the Sentai Logo Name, Suits, Weapons and Mechas.     This is Always my Favorite time of year when it comes to the Annoucement of the Next New Sentai.   So I will be Back as soon as I get more Information on Kyuranger.

This Information will help me for Future Referances so Please don't ask me to take this down!


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