Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Clearer Toy Scans and Promotional Poster for Kyuranger!

Hi Friends,

Well today December 6, 2016 we finally get Clearer Toy Scans (That are better then first ones) and a Promotional Poster of our New Sentai which is our 41st Sentai...

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger:

Credit goes to HeroShock for all this Information and this is Information to help me out in the Future!

"After a Very Nice Appetizer, here is High Quality Scans of the Toy Catalog with some Explanations.

The First Detail we Notice is that each costume if different. Each one has a detail that the other don't, Like Armor Pieces for Oushi Black and Tenbin Gold, Scales for Hebitsukai Silver, Wings for Washi Pink or fur and Claws for Ookami Blue.

We Also have a Quick resume of the Story Telling that all Space has beem Taken Over by an evil life form and that only the 9 Spreme Saviours will be able to fight it.

The Series will Start February 12, 2017.

Seiza Blaster
Let's Focus on the Changer of the Series the Seiza Blaster (Seiza = Constellation). It has 6 Modes, each actived by the Kyatama that will double as a Joystick.

The First Mode is a Seiza Change.  To Transform, one will have to insert a Kyutama, Move it to the right to select the Transformation and Press the Side Button.

The Second Mode is Seiza Attack. Each Attack with different According to the Activated.

The Third Mode is Seiza Go that will Summon the Voyagers.

The Fourth Mode is Seiza Control that will Activated by Pressing the Side Button.

The Fifth Mode is Seiza Docking that will combine the Voyagers into Kyurenoh.

The Last Mode is Communication Mode.

The First Two Sets of Kyutama are Kani (Cancer), Tate (Shield/Scutum), Uo (Pisces) and Ohitsuji (Aries).

Kyuza Weapon
The Kyuza Weapons (The Weapons of the 9 Constellations) can turn into 9 Different Weapons: Kyu Sword for Red, Kyu Axe for Black, Kyu Slasher for Yellow, Kyu Sickle for Silver, Kyu Spear for Orange, Kyu Crossbow for Gold, Kyu Rapier for Green, Kyu Claw for Blue & Kyu Shot for Pink

The Kyutama Sold with it will be Bouenkyou (Microscopium)

The Kyutama Sold with the Kyu Buckle will be Futago (Gemini).

Kyurenoh will never be a rooted Robot. Each Voyager (Except Shishi Voyager) can form either an arm or a Leg for the Robot, Allowing 24 Different combinations."

Credit goes to HeroShock for all this Information and this is Information to help me out in the Future!

So That is it for now if more Images of Kyuranger pop up I'll post again so far I am excited about this sentai.   Don't forget I will be doing a Ramble time on this upcoming sentai like I have for the Past 3 Years just need to gather stuff together before the ramble time is up.    So I will see you in Another Post.


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