Sunday, December 4, 2016

Our 41st Sentai w/ Images and Toy Scans Revealed!

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Well Yesterday the Toys Scans of our New Sentai Uchu Sentai Kyuranger were revealed and I do have them and more Information of this team so here we go:

Credit goes to HeroShock for all this Information and this is Information to help me out in the Future!

Our 41st Sentai - Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

Here's a Clearer Image of the Logo of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger :

So I know I Posted this Image of the 9 Kyurangers a few days ago but more information needs to be Added (This Image is the Front Cover of the Toy Catalog and Logo was Leaked on  December 2, 2016):

So We all Know the Names of Each Senshi of the 9 Kyuranger: Shishi (Lion) Red, Ookami (Wolf) Blue, Oushi (Bull) Black, ChameleonGreen, Kajiki (Swordfish) Yellow, Sasori (Scorpion) Orange, Washi (Eagle) Pink, Tenbin (Libra) Gold, & Hebitsukai (Orphiuchus) Silver so what I want to add is Red, Blue, Black, Green and Yellow will be the Main Team and Orange, Pink, Gold and Silver will be the Supporting Team to the 5.  Female Members are Chameleon Green & Washi Pink so that means the others are all Males.

So on December 3, 2016 we finally get to dig deeper in the Kyuranger Toys Revealing the Toy Scans so here we go and starting of with the Vinyl Figures of our Heroes:

Seiza Blaster
The Seiza Blaster is the Changer of the 9 Kyurangers. It has 6 Modes that will be Activated Via the Kyutama.  This Weapon/Changer will be Mounted on the Kyurangers Wrist.

The Kyutama are the New Collectable Gimmick.

They Look Like Tiny Globes that Light up when Rotated. Each Kyuranger will have a Kyutama Linked to His/Her Constellation.  As of now, 42 Kyutama are Planned:

01 Shishi
02 Sasori
03 Ookami
04 Tenbin
05 Oushi
06 Hebitsukai
07 Chameleon
08 Washi
09 Kajiki
36 Perceus
37 Kujira
40 Andromeda
41 Kenbikyou
42 Ryoken

Kyuza Weapon
The Kyuza Weapons (The Weapons of the 9 Constellations) can turn into 9 Different Weapons: Kyu Sword for Red, Kyu Axe for Black, Kyu Slasher for Yellow, Kyu Sickle for Silver, Kyu Spear for Orange, Kyu Crossbow for Gold, Kyu Rapier for Green, Kyu Claw for Blue & Kyu Shot for Pink

The Belt Buckle will be able to store the Kyutamas.

The Robot of our Heroes will have 2 Modes.

The Main Mode will be Composed of Shishi Voyager, Ookami Voyager. Oushi Voyager, Chameleon Voyager and Kajiki Voyager.

The Second Mode will simply exchange the Limbs with the others; still with Shishi Voyager in the Middle.   Tenbin Voyager and Hebitsukai Voyager are Humaniod-shaped mechas, while others reflect the Animal their constellatiion Represents.

Cockpit Set
A Special Set of Kyutama sold with Mini Figures will serve as a Cockpit for the Robot.

Extra Image
This is a Image of the Vinyls Figures and DX Cockpit Set 01 in English.

Credit goes to HeroShock for all this Information and this is Information to help me out in the Future!

So That is it for all these Amazing Scans I am extremely Excited about this Sentai and I found out the Very First Episode of Kyuranger is set to Air February 12, 2017 but that may change depended on things and we don't have a Promotional Poster yet if that's true are not.  But I will be back with more Kyuranger Images and info hopefully some clearer Images of the team!  So I'll be in touch!


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