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Our 40th Sentai w/ Images and Toy Scans!

Credit Goes to Heroshock for Information

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So it's that Time again that we get to see our Next New Sentai and so here we go...On December 7, 2015 we got a few Leak Images of our 40th Sentai and the Name of this Sentai is:

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Zyuohger Team is Composed of Zyuoh Eagle (Red), Zyuoh Shark (Blue), Zyuoh Lion (Yellow), Zyuoh Elephant (Green), Zyuoh Tiger (White).  Yellow is a Male again & the females are Blue and White.

Credit Goes to Heroshock for Information


Their Main Mecha is Consist of three Zyuoh Cubes of  Zyuoh Eagle, Zyuoh Shark, & Zyuoh Lion (Cube Eagle, Cube Shark & Cube Lion) . Animal Form of the Cubes are also featured including the two more cubes of Cube Gorilla and Cube Giraffe. 

Stack the Cubes, Stab it with the Sword, and Unfold them to form Zyuoh King. Sword can then be Pulled out (without helmet attached) and used as the Weapon.  

On December 12, 2015 we finally got more Scans of the Changer, Weapons and more of the Mechas so here we go:

Credit Goes to Heroshock for Information

 Toy Catalog Cover (Nice Cover)

Zyuoh Changer

Like a Rubik's Cube, the Zyuoh Changer will have to be rotated to activate its 3 modes.

Henshin Mode : Press the red button, rotate the cube to form the face of the animals and open it to transform. The transformation sound will be some rythmed "Ha ! Ha ! Ha !".

Shokan Mode : To summon the Zyuoh Cubes, press the yellow button and rotate the Changer to form the cube. The Changer can say the name of all 6 animals.

Gattai Mode : To form ZyuohKing, press the blue button and rotate the Changer to form the head of the robot. The Changer will shout : San (3), Ni (2), Ichi (1), ZyuohKing !

Zyuoh Buster

The side weapon of all Zyuohger will composed of 2 cubes.

The red cube will form the sword mode with its Zyuoh Slash attack, and the blue cube will form the gun mode with its Zyuoh Shoot attack.


ZyuohEagle's personal weapon. It can turn into a whip.

Cube Kirin

Cube Kirin is a numberless giraffe that will serve as ZyuohKing's bazooka.

Cube Elephant

ZyuohElephant's personnal mecha. It can combine to Juoh King to form JuohKing 1-2-4.

Cube Tiger

ZyuohTiger's personnal mecha. It can combine to Juoh King to form JuohKing 1-5-3.

ZyuohGorilla & Cube Gorilla

ZyuohEagle's second mecha. To control it, ZyuohEagle will have to mode change into ZyuohGorilla by moving up the face of his helmet. His eagle symbol on his torso will also turn into a gorilla.


ZyuohWild is the robot composed of Cube Elephant, Tiger and Gorilla. His weapon is a small gatling gun but it can also launch its fists to attack its opponents.

Credit Goes to Heroshock for Information

So That is it on all we got of Zyuohger as Far as Scans are concern.  I hope to see a Promotional Poster soon so we can get a actual Air Date.  Also you will be hearing my Opinion on my Eugene's Ramble Time #5: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger on my Youtube Channel with Images and so on.   So Keep an eye on Future Post!


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