Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More and Clearer Zyuohger Images!

Hi Friends,

Well I am Back with more Zyuohger (The Right Spelling) Images,  and they are Amazing and Clearer well some so here we go these hit the Internet Yesterday (December 21, 2015) :

Credit goes to Heroshock for all the Info and Pictures

Here's a Nice HQ Catalog Cover including the Nice 40th Logo and the 5 Zyuohger coming at ya:

Zyuoh Gorilla

This Power Form method that Turns Zyuoh Eagle into his Power-up Form Zyuoh Gorilla, is called the Visor Up Technique as seen /translated in the Image Below. By Pushing the Beak in his Helmet upward, Zyuoh Eagle will Power up into his second Animal Spirit, Zyuoh Gorilla, which also Changes his uniform and Physique into a More Beefier Look.

This Image here is a Shadowed Catalog of an 8 Piece mecha made from the DX Cubes.

ZyuOhCube Mini Series

Zyuoh Eagle with Cube Eagle 
Zyuoh Shark with Cube Shark

Zyuoh Lion with Cube Lion

So That's it for this Post another Post is coming so keep an eye out and more Zyuohger Surprises to come!


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