Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2016 with More Zyuohger Images & The Premire Date of the Series

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So Here's some More News on Zyuohger we got today (December 22, 2015):

Credit goes to Hero shock for all Info and Images.

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger will Start on February 14, 2016

Our Heroes will be known as Monarchs (Ohja in Japanese). Each One will be the Monarch of something related to their Animal.

Zyuoh Eagle: Oozora no Ohja - The Monarch of Firmament
Zyuoh Shark: Arumi no Ohja - The Monarch of Rough Seas
Zyuoh Lion: Savannah no Ohja - The Monarch of Savannah
Zyuoh Elephant: Shinrin no Ohja - The Monarch of Forests
Zyuoh Tiger: Setsugen no Ohja - The Monarch of Snowfields

Well I guess this is our Promotional Poster because of the Date on the top and I like what I am seeing!

More Images from a Magazine:

Here are somemore Images Introducing the weapons with the Zyuoh Buster's Gun and Sword mode as well as the Eagriser's Sword and whip mode.

Here's a few Images of the Mecha Known as the  Mighty ZyuohKing:

The Next Images are the Zyuohger appearing on the Ninninger VS ToQger so BIG SPOILER HERE:

Here's somemore Images and you'll be surprise when you see the Next one:

Once Again Credit goes to Hero Shock for Pictures and Info

So I am loving the Clearer Images we are getting of Zyuohger and the Info we have on the show and all the toys we will be getting. All I can say 2016 is looking good for us. So Keep an eye out on the Next Post for more Zyuohger!


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