Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ninninger's 6th Senshi, The Changer, The Weapon, & The Mecha Revealed!

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Well Ninninger hasn't Aired Yet and the 6th Senshi has been Revealed with a Name and Scans so here we go and all my Sources comes from Tokunation and JEFusion:

The 6th Senshi of Ninninger has been revealed as Starninger!  So Yes we have another Gold Senshi in our Midst!  Sources say he's a American Ninja something that Kakuranger did in 1994.

Starninger will Transform using his strange burger Shape transformation device called the Ninja Star Burger, placing his Golden Shuriken that will act as Cheese for the Burger (Now Ain't that American) and his Main Weapon is an Electric Guitar shaped Sword called the Star Sword Gun.

As seen in the scan is a Brief look of his Main Mecha, Rodeomaru, which can Transform into Bison King and also conbines with Shurikenjin to form King Shurikenjin

Next Image is Starninger's Mecha:

Starninger's Mecha is Called the DX Shuriken Gattai Bison King. The Mecha is composed of an ATV/beach buggy looking like Vehicle, the Bison Buggy and another humanoid mecha called the Rodeomaru.  The Two mecha will conbine to form 1 giant robot, Bison King. It can also conbine into shuriken to form a towering Mecha called King Shurikenjin.

And Lastly, our new Auxilary Mecha, The DX Surfermaru that can also conbine with shurkinjin to form the Shurikenjin Surfer.

So That's it on all the Scans and info on our 6th Member of Ninninger.   Now my Imput on this I am happy to see another gold senshi people are complaining about that but you never know.   The Design on Starninger I really like it I totally dig he is a American Ninja like Ninja Black in Kakuranger.   The Changer Cracks me up a Burger Changer LOL.  The Weapon is very cool looking and the Mecha is Pretty sweet.  It's Hard to believe we are seeing this now of our sixth senshi and the Scans show that he'll debut in April or May.   So That's my Imput on Starninger and can't wait to see what we are getting in Ninninger.


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