Thursday, February 12, 2015

I could use your Help!

Hi Friends,

Well I just got finish looking at my Past Earnings of when I started getting Paid by adrev which was in April 2013 and it's unreal how well I did back in 2013 and did rather poorly Last Year.   I was told by Adrev to make more Videos to increase my Earnings and I have and it hasn't increase it's the same.   Now all I need from you is to Click on my Ads help me make more earning I know I am not suppose to do this but it's been going on for quite a while and if you want me to make more reviews click on those ads that's all you need to do.

I have 475 Videos Total (91 V-Logs, 11 Intros & Anniversary Specials 318 Reviews and 55 Others) make sure you check my Channel out:

This is not a Joke so take this Serious I work very hard on these Videos and I deserve more earnings then I do.  The Last Time my Earnings did so well was May 2013 a Month after Adrev started Claiming my Videos so Please click on my ads.  Also I ended up selling stuff which is what I hate doing but I did it also to clear space.

If you want to Donate to me you can I am not asking for Donation but you can if you want please send Donations to my Paypal:

Like I said this is not a Joke so take this Very Serious if you want to see more reviews by me click on my ads so please help me out.  I'll be back with another Post!


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