Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Hi Friends,

Well Happy New Year to everyone all around the World!  I am so Happy it's 2013 now as I have plans for Newer Reviews.    If you seen my Anniversary Special I mention alot of things in store for my Reviews such as:

DX Gosei Great (Tensou Sentai Goseiger)
Shureken Ball

All sorts of things I have in mind I want to get.   I also Mention alot about Machalcon and the Good news he is on the way and he will be my First V-Log of the New Year.    My First Review will be the D-Arts Rockman Action Figure.   So Alot More Fun of Sentai Coming to my Channel.

In the Anniversary Special I showed that I bought the Power Ranger Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord and having Plans on on doing a Comparision on Japanese VS American.  I also have Plans to get the Gosei Morpher even though I am not a Fan of the "Go Go Megaforce" it's not fitting in but I guess I'll deal with it.

I was on HLJ just recently and notice they had a 90% off Sale on Stuff like SH Figuarts and so on.  So I ordered the Shinken Red and Super ShinkenRed SHF.  Yes I know I had ShinkenRed before but I sold him and I wanted him again and I'm getting  him Cheaper then I did at my Local TRU.   So keep an eye out on Updates.

2012 was a Year I want to forget even though it was getting better till the end.  Now that 2013 is here I hope it's going to be a Awesome Year with Kyouyger coming Next Month and My New Job and I hope it Continues to get Better for me.

So Alot of Awesome Crap is coming to my Channel in 2013 and I hope you all look forward to it.  So before I conclude this Post I want to wish all my Friends, Viewer, Followers, and Subscribers a Very Happy New Year and I hope things go good during the Year be safe, be Healthy and take Care.


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